Also: Can 'human' be a verb? We think so. We humaned today, did you?
Also: Can 'human' be a verb? We think so. We humaned today, did you?


We're Teaching Humanity How to Human — Virtually
If you haven't noticed, weird times are upon us: One simply has to walk into a bank while wearing a mask with all the other masked-but-definitely-not-there-to-rob-the-bank people to understand that. And while new pandemic-inspired challenges arise almost daily, we've got one practical solution to the weirdness: business tips on humanizing your virtual workplace communication skills, now that so many are working remotely. Join us for NCET's virtual Biz Bite on Oct. 28, where VP of Creative Paige Galeoto and Account Director Nicole Rose Dion will drop some hot tips on you based on our 11 years as a virtual agency. Bonus: It's online, so no masks required! (And bonus-bonus: neither are pants, TBH.)   
HOPES Challenge: Small Budget, Big Mission 
As big believers in the importance of community health, we've welcomed the challenge of helping tell the Northern Nevada HOPES story as their agency of record for the past year. Little did we know when we signed on (ahhh, pre-pandemic — remember those days?) that a global virus would place health in focus for the entire year. Check out our latest blog post, which details how we've amplified a small budget for maximum marketing punch. 
I Can Control This Ball with my Mind
We're always in search of the latest internet oddity to bring about a welcome smile. So when we found ourselves literally laughing out loud to this collection of tennis player images — who seriously look like they're using telekinetic powers to communicate with their spherical objects of bouncy power — we knew we had to share. And click the link, because there are even more laugh-inspiring images. So. Many. MORE!

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