Open this newsletter for some good news
Open this newsletter for some good news


There aren’t many things in life that EVERYONE can agree on, but we think this is a universal truth: The time has come for this COVID pandemic to be done. Agreed? Thought so. Widespread vaccination will accomplish that, so to that end, we’re working with our client Immunize Nevada to provide the most up-to-date info on COVID vaccination through a new online resource called Because each of Nevada’s 17 counties is in charge of its own vaccine roll-out, we’ve created a central place for vaccination information. Just find your county, and quickly see a list of places offering vaccination appointments — typically updated daily. And for those who know someone who prefers real talk instead of the digital kind: The COVID hotline is available, seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at 1-800-401-0946.
'Twas Love at First Zoom  
When the Estipona Group put out a call for a digital marketing analyst to join our team, we received literally hundreds of applicants. But the clear choice among some stellar job-seekers was Sarah Nguyen, who won us over with tales of her 60 cousins (no joke: SIXTY, people!), her word-for-word ability to quote SpongeBob Square Pants episodes – oh yeah, and her mad SEO, SEM, schema markup and other digital marketing skills that don’t all begin with the letter “S.” Hey: "S" for "Sarah." Coincidence? We think not. 
A Good Use of Comic Sans? We Found It!
The following is NSFW if your workplace frowns on profanity, but if sweariness brings you joy, this might be the best tool ever. Sans Bulls*!t Sans is a site where you can test your copy for stupid marketing jargon that is sure to annoy the masses. You type or upload copy, and it identifies your B.S. words through bold profanities in Comic Sans font covering your stupid B.S.-y words. Go ahead, copy and paste this sentence into their tool – if you’re brave enough (and P.S., we have no idea what this sentence means, so please don't ask): “If your goal is to create value and adopt this sweeping marketing paradigm shift, consider the synergy created by melding enterprise solutions with public facing and holistic approaches to bandwidth expansion.” 

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