Working Draft Release of 2021 MN Overlay to Enterprise Green Communities Criteria
Minnesota Housing is pleased to announce the early “working draft” release of the 2021 version of the MN Overlay to Enterprise Green Communities Criteria (EGCC). With the 2021 MN Overlay, Minnesota Housing adopts the 2020 version of EGCC.
The 2021 MN Overlay will not be officially released or applicable until April 2021; however, based on major changes to the 2020 EGCC, we are releasing the MN Overlay working draft to give development teams more time to familiarize themselves with the changes as they prepare for the 2021 Consolidated Request for Proposals (RFP). We do not anticipate substantial changes between the working draft and the final version in April, but we reserve the right to edit and update as necessary.
The 2021 MN Overlay working draft is available on the Building Standards webpage on our website. Multifamily and Single Family Intended Methods Worksheets for the new 2021 MN Overlay and 2020 EGCC are also available on this webpage.
Read the summary of changes - 2021 MN Overlay to the 2020 EGCC
Questions? Contact Mike Thomas, Staff Architect at 651.297.5135 or Katherine Teiken, Clean Energy Program Specialist at 651.296.7610.
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