Let's work together to #StopAsianHate
Let's work together to #StopAsianHate

MARCH 2021

WE MUST #StopAsianHate
First of all: Yes, that sweet little man at left in both of those pictures is indeed Edward Estipona, surrounded by his family. Awww. Second: While we typically like to keep our newsletter casual and breezy, hence the "sweet little man" reference above, we have to ask you to understand why we're deviating from that mark today. The surge in anti-Asian violence in the past week — and actually, over the course of the last year — warrants a serious conversation. Edward and his family moved to the U.S. when he was 5, and his differences were certainly the source of schoolyard taunts and other egregious examples of overt racism over his lifetime. But today, our Asian friends, co-workers and families are facing something far more dangerous. Please take a few moments to read his essay, and we ask that each of you has a conversation with someone in your inner circle about the senselessness of racism. And Edward is game to chat with anyone who may have questions. 
Winner Winner Virtual Awards, No Dinner  
Remember last year when the AAF Awards were canceled on the day of the event because we were being asked to flatten the curve? Remember how we thought that was a 2-week quarantine? How cute were we? Anyhow, it's roughly a year later (aka day 44 million-bajillion in pandemic time), and we celebrated virtually this time — and picked up some shiny new virtual certificates! Our thanks to AAF Reno and all of our creative colleagues who kicked some serious booty this year. And we're counting on some real awards at a real ceremony next year. For real. Deal? Good. 
People Ask: 'What's Wrong with My Cat?' 
Well first of all, judging by the look on this particular cat's face, we think he'd like to ask you a question: "What's wrong with you, looking at a picture of adorable me, wondering what's wrong with adorable me, even though I'm just sitting here" —nevermind that he's sitting like NO CAT IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD HAS EVER-EVER-EVER SAT! So we invite you to relax, pick up your favorite demonic feline friend if he's currently not exhibiting full-blown zoomie rage as he tears apart your office for no discernible reason, and scroll through this collection of purr-fection. 

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