Community Update: Hurricane Matthew
October 5, 2016
Hurricane Matthew has moved on from Haiti. THP President Deacon Patrick Moynihan and Board Vice Chair and Haitian private sector leader Patrick Brun report:
We are thankful that our area was not greatly impacted due to the storm staying largely west of our area. We appreciate the dangerous conditions created by Matthew for the southwest portion of Haiti and the problems created by the increased rain. Assessment is made difficult by communication issues and the remoteness of that region. While we remain concerned for those in the heavily impacted areas, LCS came through great thanks to Matthew's course and being run by a great staff. 
As in the past, preparationand educationallowed us to respond effectively as an institution and community. LCS was able to have a half day of school on Monday. Caution made for no school Tuesday. Today, school and clean up are in full swing.
Clean up efforts of campus are being handled by regular work hour groups while classes resume as normal.
We are grateful for the leadership of staff and students alike. THP Director of Operations Esther Paul (LCS '02) describes the school's preparation:
We were able to prepare for the storm by making sure that all potential debris was put inside the buildings on campus and by buying enough food for the week. We even housed the cooks for Monday and Tuesday so they could be here to cook for the students.
Head Philo (US 12th grade +1) Gama Mathurin reports on the increased responsibility taken by the older Louverturians:
The Philo and Rheto (US 12th grade) students had to take responsibility for the dorm rooms to keep the students safe inside to prevent injury from fallen branches or slippery conditions in the bad weather. When the storm got worse and students needed to go outside and get water, the Philo students would go and get it for them.
Hurricane Matthew is yet another illustration of the real imperatives in Haiti. It is capable government and civil planning (which requires civil engineers) that prepares a country for every hurricane. We remain intent on producing those leaders and engineers.
Students and staff work together to clean up after Hurricane Matthew.
...because education equips Haitians to prepare for future natural disasters rather than continuing to rely on foreign aid.
Our Mission

The Haitian Project through Louverture Cleary School, its Catholic, co-educational boarding school in Haiti, educates and nurtures academically talented and motivated students from Haitian families who cannot afford the cost of their children’s education in order to maximize their potential and enable them to work toward building a Haiti where justice and peace thrive.