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April 6, 2021
   Our office will be closed April 5-16  
Grandbaby in town!

Tasting Pass

We mailed a small sign to all of the participating wineries, to remind your staff which offer you are giving pass holders.
If you are are a participating winery, share the link, help sell them. They are a GREAT deal for the visitor and will hopefully encourage them to buy more wine.
Share the link to "buy now" on Eventbrite Tasting Pass
Share the link to the Google Map of Participating Wineries

What has Wine Road done since March 2020...

...check it out here:  A year of pivoting!

8 Days In May ~ May 24-31
Enjoy wine club benefits with no strings attached

This will be an opportunity for YOU to allow visitors to be a "wine club member for the day". 
We will create a program where YOU list what offer(s) ticker holders will get when they visit.
- Customers will buy their ticket online and show it at each winery they visit for the week.
- It will be one price, $75 they can use it as many days as they want.
- We will require reservations at each winery. We are going to have wineries manage their own reservations. You can control the days you want to participate and how long your reservations are (30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes). 
Please consider this - if you know you will be booked on the weekend, and don't need the event, maybe you could just set aside one or two 4 tops each day for event attendees, then sell the rest for your tasting fee. Wine Road needs to sell tickets to keep the doors open. Once you say you are sold out for any of the days, we wil note that on the website and ticket page.  Can you spare 4 seats each day?
- We can provide glasses for those that need them, so you don't have to rent any. We would NOT want them back, you can wash and reuse them.
-  We wil not be using wristbands - you will need to see tickets from each guest. Customers might attend 1 day or 3 or 4, or 5-7 days. 
- You are in charge of your wineries reservations for each day. You can limit your event attendees to any number that works for you. Just let us know when you are filled for each day. 
- We can easily sell 500 tickets, possibly more - it will depend on winery capacities.
This is the sign-up link, with more details - 8 Days In May
If you are not fully staffed or are not ready for in-person events at this point, you can sign-up with ONLINE offers only. This will be indicated in the program. You still need to use the online sign-up form and check off the ONLINE ONLY box. Same deadlines.

Easter Egg Barrel Hunt, throuth April 11, 2021  #eastereggbarrels #wineroadbarrels

Those of you that are interested in selling your barrel, either as a donation or to simply sell it - if you put that information on your website and send me the link, we can share those details.

Sonoma County - ORANGE tier...looks like tomorrow, but not yet confirmed. Because...nothing is easy.

It looks like we will be moving to the Orange Tier by April 7th. That will allow wineries to serve indoors at 25% capacity and food will not be a requirement. I will send more details as they are confirmed.
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