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2017 02 16
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Spoke: Images and Stories from the 1980s Washington, DC Punk Scene | Scott Crawford | 9781617755002 | Akashic Books | $24.95 | 02/07/2017 | Paper over Board | eBook Available
> Spoke was named an Editor’s Pick for the February 2017 issue of
Yellow Scene Magazine.
> “A must-have for any rock historian or pop-culture buff . . . The perfect punk coffee table book.”—Shockwave Magazine, February 8, 2017
> The podcast
Chorus.fm called Spoke “a must-read for punk fans” in a review which ran on February 7.
> An interview with Scott Crawford was published on
Red Velvet Media on February 15.
> Scott Crawford curated a playlist for Spoke as part of
Largehearted Boy’s Book Notes feature on February 10.
> A review for Spoke is forthcoming in MOJO Magazine.
News in Brief
Publishers Weekly named Kintu by Jennifer N Makumbi an “Anticipated Debut” for spring 2017 in its February 13 issue.
Author Viet Thanh Nguyen highlighted
Song I Sing by Bao Phi and Night Sky With Exit Wounds by Ocean Vuong in an article published on the Literary Hub on February 10.
Theodore Hamm, author of
Frederick Douglass in Brooklyn, wrote a guest article for the Huffington Post which was published on February 6.
An interview with author Salvatore Settis about his book
If Venice Dies aired on the Rick Steves Radio Show on February 11.
Jenny Johnson’s
In Full Velvet was named a Publishers Weekly Book of the Week on February 13.
New York Times Bestsellers
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Go the F*ck to Sleep | Adam Mansbach; Illustrated by Ricardo Cortés | 9781617750250 | Akashic Books | $14.95 | 06/14/2011 | Paper over Board | eBook available

A New York Times Monthly Bestseller for Parenthood and Family on November 20, coming in at #5!
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Rad American Women A-Z | Kate Schatz, Illustrated by Miriam Klein Stahl | 9780872866836 | City Lights Publishers | $14.95 | 04/07/2015 | Paper over Board | eBook available
A New York Times Children's Bestseller for six weeks, coming in at #10 for Middle Grade Hardcovers on December 4!
ABA Bestseller on February 12, coming in at #14 in the Children’s Early and Middle Grade Readers Category for the eighth week!
ABA Bestsellers
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Men Explain Things to Me | Rebecca Solnit | 9781608464661 | Haymarket Books | $12.95 | 09/01/2015 | Trade Paper | eBook Available
ABA Bestseller on February 12, coming in at #38 in the Trade Paperback Nonfiction category for the eleventh week!
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Hope in the Dark | Rebecca Solnit | 9781608465767 | Haymarket Books | $15.99 | 03/15/2016 | Trade Paper | eBook Available
ABA Bestseller on February 12, coming in at #20 in the Trade Paperback Nonfiction category for the sixth week
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Freedom is a Constant Struggle | Angela Davis | 9781608465644 | Haymarket Books | $15.95 | 02/09/2016 | Trade Paper | eBook Available
ABA Bestseller on February 12, coming in at #48 in the Paperback Nonfiction Category for the second week!
April 2017 Indie Next Pick
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New DRCs Available on Edelweiss

The Good Byline
(Prospect Park Books)
Garbage Night
(Nobrow Press)

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Diverse Book of the Week
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Edited by Sheila Black and Michael Northen
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Hot News This Week
February 16, 2017

It’s safe to say David Beckham knows how to dribble a soccer ball like a pro, but the British football star isn’t just a champion on the field—he’s also a world class dad. On February 8, Beckham posted a video on Instagram of his five-year-old daughter Harper reading aloud from Princess Arabella Mixes Colors (Cassava Republic). Harper is adorable sounding out the words to Mylo Freeman’s book as she learns how to mix pink out of red and white, and the video has garnered over two million views and three thousand comments! Keep an eye out: Princess Arabella Mixes Colors will be published in the United States on June 13.
Dance of the Jakaranda
Dance of the Jakaranda is a NYTBR “Editors' Choice”; NPR Previews the “Best Verse of 2017,” Including Three Consortium Titles 
Peter Kimani’s Dance of the Jakaranda burst onto the literary scene just over a week ago, and already the book has become a force to be reckoned with. In a glowing review in the New York Times Book Review on February 19, Fiammetta Rocco praises the  novel: “Kimani has done a game job managing the carpentry of this ambitious novel, bringing great skill to the task of deploying multiple story lines, huge leaps back and forth in time and the withholding and distribution of information. . . . I grew up in Kenya, and I have never read a novel about my own country that’s so funny, so perceptive, so subversive and so sly.”  Dance of the Jakaranda has been chosen as an Editors' Choice in the New York Times Book Review for the week of February 26.
With the invention of viral platforms from YouTube to BuzzFeed, more and more readers are being introduced to punchy, short-form, culturally-relevant works and coming to the conclusion that poetry is cool. With hundreds upon hundreds of poetry titles published each year, though, how do eager readers know where to start? On February 8, poet Craig Morgan Teicher (author of the upcoming The Trembling Answers) published an article on NPR Books showcasing the best of the best poetry collections coming out in 2017. The article, entitled “Poetry to Pay Attention To,” highlighted Chen Chen’s When I Grow Up I Want to Be a List of Further Possibilities, Alex Dimitrov’s Together and By Ourselves, and Javier Zamora’s Unaccompanied. BuzzFeed beat NPR to the punch on recommending Chen Chen’s collection: on December 22, editor Saeed Jones, himself a  Coffee House poet, included a poem from When I Grow Up I Want to Be a List of Further Possibilities on a list of “22 Poems That Got You Through 2016.”
Dance of the Jakaranda | Peter Kimani | 9781617754968 | Akashic Books | $15.95 | 02/07/2017 | Trade Paper | eBook Available
When I Grow Up I Want to Be A List of Further Possibilities | Chen Chen | 9781942683339 | BOA Editions | $16.00 | 04/11/2017 | Trade Paper | eBook Available
The Trembling Answers | Craig Morgan Teicher | 9781942683315 | BOA Editions | $16.00 | 04/11/2017 | Trade Paper | eBook Available
Together and By Ourselves | Alex Dimitrov | 9781556595103 | Copper Canyon Press | $16.00 | 04/04/2017 | Trade Paper | eBook Available
Unaccompanied | Javier Zamora | 9781556595110 | Copper Canyon Press | $16.00 | 09/12/2017 | Trade Paper
Prelude to Bruise | Saeed Jones | 9781566893749 | Coffee House Press | $16.00 | 09/09/2014 | Trade Paper | eBook Available
Revise the Psalm
Revise the Psalm to be Reviewed in the NYTBR; The Land of Nod Reviewed by Meghan Cox Gurdon in the WSJ 
In 1950, Gwendolyn Brooks became the first African American to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry; over sixty years later, her legacy as one of the most groundbreaking and celebrated poets from Chicago still stands. Revise the Psalm is a curated collection of poetry honoring Brooks’ contributions to the world of literature as well as the Civil Rights Movement, and in April the book will be covered in the New York Times Book Review to coincide with National Poetry month. Revise the Psalm, which was edited by Quraysh A. Lasana and Sandra Jackson-Opoku, contains a spread of work from poetry to visual art and essays which prove Brooks’ writings are especially necessary to today’s society. The book previously caught the attention of Ebony Magazine, which called the book a “Powerful Must-Read” in its December/January issue, and on February 3, the Chicago Tribune excerpted an essay from Revise the Psalm in their Sunday Books section. The book appeared again in the Chicago Tribune on February 7, when it was reviewed by Rick Kogan, who said “Revise the Psalm is homage but also a vivid example of the wide influence Brooks has had. . . . It is both revelatory and important, and entertaining.”
Thinking of Robert Louis Stevenson likely calls to mind soaring adventure novels like Treasure Island or tales of gothic horror like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. True Stevenson fans might know that the iconic author was just as adept at writing for children as he was for adults, having published a successful collection of children’s poetry in 1885 called A Child’s Garden of Verses. One particular rhyming tale gains new life in Robert Hunter’s gorgeously illustrated version of The Land of Nod, which was published on February 14. Meghan Cox Gurdon of the Wall Street Journal jumped to review the book on February 10, when she praised the book as “a striking stand-alone,” full of “dramatic, color-saturated illustrations.” This stunning new version of The Land of Nod, Stevenson’s “short meditation on the nature of dreamland,” has been hotly anticipated, with the book included on the Children’s Book Council’s January 2017 “Hot Off the Press” list.
Revise the Psalm: Work Celebrating the Writing of Gwendolyn Brooks | Edited by Quraysh A. Lansana and Sandra Jackson-Opoku | 9781940430867 | Curbside Splendor Publishing | $24.95 | 1/10/2017 | Trade Paper
The Land of Nod | Robert L. Stevenson, Illustrated by Robert Hunter | 9781911171041 | Nobrow Press/Flying Eye Books | $17.95 | 02/14/2017 | Paper over Board
Anonymous Women
Daylight Books Titles Highlighted at NYT Lens Blog and the Atlantic’s CityLab Blog; Catch TOON Author James Sturm on New York Times LIVE Video
Anonymous Women by Patty Carroll features a series of photographs with models using household objects and drapery to comment on women and domesticity. A slideshow previewing photos from the book will run on the New York Times’s LENS Blog in March, just in time for International Women’s Day. Previous attention for Carroll’s powerful art came from the Washington Post, which published a slideshow on their website from the book on November 18. Another Daylight Books title examining the often-overlooked is also making news: What is Left Behind from photographer and author Norm Diamond, who considers estate sales at once morbid and utterly fascinating. After a career as a radiologist, Diamond spent fifteen months scoping out estate sales in his hometown of Austin, discovering the complex histories behind discarded photographs, clothing, and other personal items. The Atlantic’s City Lab highlighted the book in an article published on February 14, as part of a series studying “what we squander, discard, and fritter away.”
From an armadillo with dreams of world domination to a small bird who teaches two children about the consequences of bullying, there seems to be nothing that author and illustrator James Sturm can’t do. Readers everywhere will get the chance to watch Sturm in action when he appears as a guest on New York Times LIVE video on February 21 at 3:30pm EST. The video will be streamed on the New York Times’s Facebook page. Sturm will discuss the process behind creating his eye-popping, memorable children’s books, and will also read aloud from both Ape & Armadillo Take Over the World and Birdsong: A Story in Pictures. Birdsong was named a Kirkus Reviews Best Picture Book of 2016, and Ape & Armadillo Take Over the World received starred reviews from both Kirkus and School Library Journal.
Anonymous Women | Patty Carroll | 9781942084198 | Daylight Books | $45.00 | 01/10/2017 | Paper over Board
What is Left Behind: Stories From Estate Sales | Norm Diamond and Kat Kiernan | 9781942084310 | Daylight Books | $45.00 | 05/16/2017 | Paper over Board
Ape & Armadillo Take Over the World | James Sturm | 9781943145096 | TOON Books | $12.95 | 09/13/2016 | Smyth Sewn
Birdsong: A Story in Pictures | James Sturm | 9781935179948 | TOON Books | $12.95 | 04/05/2016 | Smyth Sewn
Bookseller Recommendations
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Stephen Florida (Coffee House Press, 9781566894647, June 2017)
“In this superb debut novel, Gabe Habash has fully captured the identity of modern American male adolescence. Stephen's vulnerabilities and insecurities are transcendent and universal. At times you want to grab him by his cauliflowered ears and teach him a thing or two, and at others you simply want to give him a hug. Habash transmits Stephen's fears and loneliness directly into the heart of the reader. This novel is strange, singular, surprising, and a supremely delightful read.”—Matt K., Subtext Books, St. Paul, MN
Mothers and Other Strangers (Prospect Park Books, 9781938849893, May 2017)
“This book grabs you at the opening lines and won't let you go. Elsie dreams of fire and doesn't fully understand how deep her mother's ties to a group called the Seekers was until her mother's death. The discovery of a bundle of photos, a princess ring Take Elsie from her home in Canada to Africa, a journey that leads her to the past she never knew she had. A stunning, rich and heartfelt debut of suspense.”—Literati Bookstore, Ann Abor, MI

Bookseller Display of the Week

The New York Times spotlighted bookstores “Stoking Trump Resistance With Action, Not Just Words,” in an article published online February 15 and in print February 16 and included this photo from Hello Hello Books in Rockland, ME. Hello Hello Books naturally recommended Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit as a balm to soothe the activist soul. The article also quoted City Lights publisher and executive director Elaine Katzenberger, who said, "All bookstores are mission-driven to some degree—their mission is to inspire and inform, and educate, if possible."
Starred Reviews
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Everything is Flammable (Uncivilized Books, 9781941250181, April 2017)
“[In Everything is Flammable,] Bell takes her boiling stew pot of anxiety and turns it into something far broader and more empathetic. . . . [She] peels back the layers of the mother-daughter relationship with self-deprecating comedy, displaying irritation but also patient forbearance.”—Publishers Weekly, February 13, 2017

At the Lightning Field (Coffee House Press, 9781566894661, April 2017)
“[Raicovich] combines her intimate, studied observations with the writings of a vast array of mathematicians and thinkers, including Benoit Mandelbrot and Gertrude Stein. Attempting to answer the question ‘How reliable is memory?’ the essay is a beautifully chaotic map of thought and experience that both mirrors the experience of a work of art and probes its essence.”—Publishers Weekly, February 13, 2017

Recent Reviews
Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5
Black Wave (The Feminist Press at CUNY, 9781558619395, September 2016)
“It’s this rawness that makes Black Wave so disarming, a rollicking hallucinatory fantasy that’s as sobering as cold air. . . . It’s sentimental and reckless and not quite like anything I’ve read before. An apocalypse novel that makes you feel hopeful about the world: could anything be more timely?”—The Guardian, February 11, 2017

Everything is Flammable (Uncivilized Books, 9781941250181, April 2017)
“I’ve been losing myself on the train this week in Gabrielle Bell’s new comic, Everything Is Flammable. It doesn’t come out until April, so I’m jumping the gun here, but once I read it I couldn’t not write about it—it’s that good. Bell writes and draws stories with deep humanity, and, impressively, that humanity—painful, awkward, and uncertain—is her own. . . . Bell’s self-awareness and observations never result in tidy epiphanies; the book’s strips open out into one another, accumulating without resolution. She is also always funny, and her distinct blocky hatching style gives warmth to every panel. The ineffable quality is that she makes all this look easy.”—The Paris Review, February 10, 2017

Where They Create Japan (Frame Publishers, 9789492311023, February 2017)
“Paul Barbera and Kanae Hasegawa have teamed up to create Where They Create Japan, a book that looks inside the studios of a host of Japanese creative labels. The release, which documents everything from architectural practices to fashion studios, is the second installment of Where They Create, with the first edition having explored creative spaces throughout Europe.”—Hypebeast, December 6, 2016

Hot or Not: 20th-Century Male Artists (Koyama Press, 9781927668337, September 2016)
Hot or Not is a delightful, funny, and smart as heck book.”—ComicsAlliance, February 15, 2017

Chain of Custody (Bitter Lemon Press, 9781908524744, November 2016)
“A simply riveting read from cover to cover, clearly author Anita Nair is a master of the mystery/suspense genre.”—Midwest Book Review, February 2017

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