First Days and Important Announcements...Plans and Procedures...
First Days and Important Announcements...Plans and Procedures...
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Faith Christian School

August 8. 2020

Open School Schedule

Thursday, August 13 - Beulah Preschool – 4-6 pm floating

Friday, August 14 - Ramseur Preschool – 4-6 pm floating

                                  5K, 2nd and 3rd - 3-7 pm floating

Monday, August 17 - 1st, 5th and 4th - 3-7 pm floating

Tuesday, August 18 - 6th through 12th - 3-8 pm floating

Basic Open School Reminders

Only come for the time assigned for each child.

Please, only bring child(ren) assigned to that time.

Please, only parents or guardians of child(ren) attend.

We will screen anyone coming to the open house for temperature, and the basic screening questions. 1. Have you been exposed to Covid-19?  2.  Are you experiencing symptoms of Covid-19? 3. Have you had fever?  If there is a fever or these questions cannot be answered no, we will have to ask the individual to come another time.

Take all the pictures you need at Open House instead of the first day of school pictures.

We are limiting visits in the room to 10 minutes.  Please be mindful of how many are in the building at one time.

On MS/HS Open School, students may visit their rooms.  Teachers will be available outside, or in the event of bad weather, teachers will be in the gym.  The only class meeting that night will be for seniors in the gym at 7 pm.  Videos for other high school classes will be coming by email to replace normal high school meetings.

First Days of School

Wednesday, August 19 – 6th-12th only in attendance - 12 pm dismissal

      Preschool begins at Ramseur location - 12 pm dismissal

Thursday, August 20 – K5-5th only in attendance - 11:30 am dismissal

      Preschool begins at Bennett location - 12 pm dismissal

Friday, August 21 – All students full day
Please be reminded that parents may come inside the school on the first day to drop off their children and then exit the buildings using the traffic flow arrows.  After the first day, children will need to be dropped off at the front of the school.

Health Screening Each Morning

Temperatures will be taken as the students arrive.  Staff will greet you at your vehicle.  Staff or students with temperatures, according to CDC of 100.4 or higher, will not be allowed to attend

The following statements will need to be answered true to the staff greeting you each morning or the student may not attend school.

-The individual has not been in contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 within the last 14 days.

-The individual has not had a fever of felt feverish in the last 72 hours.

-The individual is not experiencing any new respiratory symptoms, including a runny nose, sore throat, cough, or shortness of breath.

-The individual is not experiencing any new muscle aches or chills.

-The individual is not experiencing any new change in the sense of taste or smell.

Arrival Each Day

FCS asks that no students be dropped off before 7:30.

Once the students have been screened, K5 through 6th and 10th grades will need to enter the main building by using the front door of the school.

Seventh through 9th and 11th through 12th will need to enter through the gate at the gym and proceed to their classes.

We will ask each student as they enter the school to use hand sanitizer.

Departure Each Day

At 2:30 pm each day, students may be picked up.  As you drive around the school parking lot, staff will use walkie-talkies to call students.  If you have children in elementary, MS or HS, all students may be picked up after 2:30 pm.  MS/HS will be in study hall beginning at 2:30 pm.  If MS/HS students need extra help during study hall, they are welcome to stay.  Elementary students must be picked up by 3 pm.  MS/HS students must be picked up by 3:20 pm.  Because of coronavirus, FCS may not be able to offer afterschool care for elementary.  We encourage parents to seek other possible options.  It is imperative that students be picked up on time as teachers have more responsibilities late in the day because of Covid-19

Face Coverings

FCS has spent a lot of time and energy in seeking to best answer this question.  We have sought guidance from many different sources – public school guidance, CDC, pediatric guidance, other non-public school guidance and health department guidance.  One of our best sources of guidance is our alumni medical team.  The team consists of a respiratory specialist, cardiac cath lab supervisor, case manager for a women’s and children’s center, nurse practitioner/pediatrics, public health department nurse, ER nurse and a hospital infection prevention director.  We are thankful for these alumni.  They have assisted and given helpful guidance in these important matters.  After reviewing the information available, the school administration and school committee are implementing the following guidelines.  The school color level determines the specific use of face coverings.

Green Eagle School – No face covering will be required

Blue Eagle School – Face covering to be used at the discretion of the individual

Yellow Eagle School – No face covering for preschool, K5 and 1st; 2nd and 3rd will be encouraged to wear a face covering and instructed how to; 4th through 12th will be required to have a face covering.  The rule will be “When you are up, the face covering is up; when you are down, the face covering can be down.” So, when the student is at his/her desk in class and at meal times, the mask may be down.  When the student is in common areas and moving around the room/campus, the mask will have to be up.

Red Eagle School – No face covering for preschool, K5 and 1st; 2nd through 12th will be required to wear a face covering throughout the day.  Face covering breaks will be given during the day, if at this level.

FCS will be starting school on Yellow Eagle School.

FCS realizes that there is a great debate about face coverings.  Our only desire is to be able to go back to school and stay at school. If the face covering helps allow this goal, it is a step that we will take together. The use of face coverings does allow more normal activities at school such as chapel, etc. Without the use of a face covering, school days require more isolated activities. It does also add another layer of protection to what we are doing.  FCS will be providing each student with a neck gaiter with the school logo. The neck gaiter can be pulled up and down easily.  Whatever a student wears, we encourage that it only be worn one day and put in with the dirty clothes for that day.  We asked that face coverings have acceptable logos and slogans.  Please let us consider one another and pray together that Covid-19 will soon be gone.  Compliance will be expected with whatever level we are on. 

How will FCS respond if staff/student has a positive Covid test or is exposed to someone with Covid?

If a staff/student test positive for Covid-19, the school will send a note home stating that isolation is required for 10 days from the onset of symptoms.  FCS will set the 10 day time limit before return. The individual may return based upon conditions met in the CDC handout provided.

If a staff/student is exposed, the school will send a note home stating that exposure to Covid-19 has taken place.  Based upon CDC guidance, FCS will set a 14-day quarantine from the day of exposure.  Exposure is determined by the following standard: In someone’s 6-foot space for at least 15 minutes who has tested positive for Covid-19.  Please understand just because someone has a symptom doesn’t mean that they have Covid-19.  You have to be exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19.  FCS will take the same stance as the Randolph County Health Department – a Covid-19 positive test has to be lab confirmed.

Please review the CDC Covid-19: Quarantine vs. Isolation handout.

FCS will take the appropriate steps in this area as soon as we are made aware, even if it is before any health department or medical intervention.

Please understand because of privacy issues, FCS will not give out names of staff/students or family members who might have Covid-19 or have been exposed.  FCS will protect the privacy of staff and students.

Exposure does not necessarily mean that the individual has to be tested.  Different people may reveal symptoms and possible positive tests on different time tables. 

If FCS were to have cases in a classroom, FCS will have PuroClean professionally disinfect the room before students return.

Sports Questions

What about sports?  Varsity soccer and volleyball practice for high school students will be next Monday.  Soccer starts at 6 pm, and volleyball starts at 7 pm. Once school has begun, practices will be on a more normal schedule.

All games have been delayed until the second week of September, due to North Carolina remaining in Stage 2.

Other Considerations

At the present time, we will not use microwaves for students to warm lunch.  As a source of common touch and use, we will not be using them to warm student lunches.

How about water fountain use?  Only water bottle fillers will be available at this time. Please send a water bottle for a student to use.

Has FCS decided on the Annual Wilds trip?  We are currently assessing the trip.  We are considering options to go or to possibly wait later in the semester. We will make a decision as soon as possible.  The Wilds is an important part of what we do at FCS.

What about the dates for the annual Teacher’s Convention?  Our annual teachers convention has been moved to a virtual online convention.  School will still be closed on these days.

What about the Health and wellness plan that we will need to sign? Lord-willing, this will be coming home to families via email soon.

What is the update on class enrollment availability? Preschool has some openings, and  1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 10th have limited openings. Third, 11th, and 12th have openings.  All other classes currently are full with waiting lists.  If for some reason, you do not plan to attend, it is imperative that you reach out to us immediately.

How may I pick up my child during the day?  If you will call the school number, we will bring your child out to you.  You may also come to the front door and use the front call button.  We will bring your child to you.

We realize that this is a lengthy update.  Our desire is to give you as much information as possible.  If we can answer any additional questions, please give us a call (336-824-4156). We look forward to seeing you in just a few days.

Looking Unto Jesus,

Mr. Todd Daniel, 
FCS Administrator 
Faith Christian School 5449 Brookhaven Rd.  Ramseur, NC 27316
Phone: 336-824-4156  FAX: 336-824-1012  e-mail:

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