Connect your Lumberjack
Connect your Lumberjack
Vol. 17 Edition 10  |  February 16, 2021
NAU student wearing a mask speaking with a fellow outside on campus with a view of the snow covered San Francisco Peaks in the background.

Message from the Dean of Students

Hello Parent,
As we near the mid-point of the spring semester, I continue to be impressed with the perseverance of NAU students and the Flagstaff community. This semester, our students have enjoyed snow, sun, and everything in-between. I am so honored to share with you that NAU was one of ten institutions recognized for outstanding virtual services to students. As a Virtual Innovation Award recipient, NAU was honored for new virtual initiatives in 2020. We will use our award to pay it forward and incentivize student engagement in our initiatives, programs, and services.
This week, NAU is hosting the inaugural Campus Safety Summit on Thursday February 18. In the Office of the Dean of Students, we care deeply about creating a safe campus for our students and community. This event planned by the Campus Safety Culture Steering Committee will give community stakeholders the opportunity to come together to build a stronger safety culture and participate in active safety programming.
We are proud to continue to offer COVID-19 mitigation testing to all students in the University Union Fieldhouse. Students and community members can learn more information about how to sign up for testing on the Jacks are Back website. If your Lumberjack has questions about COVID-19, they can contact the NAU COVID Information Center by calling 928-523-7700 or sending an email.
I look forward to watching our students continue to demonstrate resilience throughout this semester and attain their academic goals.
Stay healthy. Stay Safe.
Scott C. Brown, Ph.D.
Scott C. Brown, Ph.D.
Interim Associate Vice President and Dean of Students
NAU student using a laptop after connecting to their Blackboard Learn account.

Services Spotlight: Student Technology Center

Did you know that the Student Technology Center (STC) provides 24/7 phone, email, and chat support during the fall and spring semesters and extended hours in-person at the STC@Cline service point for all NAU students? The STC is here to help your Lumberjack with:
  • Setting up their NAU password and account
  • Blackboard Learn and LOUIE
  • Connecting devices to NAU Wi-Fi
  • Assistance with installing and accessing Microsoft Office 365 and Zoom (which are free to current NAU students)
  • Connecting to NAU resources such as the JacksPrint printers on campus and the NAUgo and NAUSafe mobile apps
The STC even provides computer repair, virus removal, and in-person support appointments in residence halls on the Flagstaff Mountain Campus. For more information regarding the STC, visit
NAU students wearing masks and sitting on a grassy area on the Flagstaff campus.

LEAP into spring engagement

A Lumberjack strengthens their ties to NAU when they connect with fellow Lumberjacks. The Leadership, Engagement, Activities, and Peer mentoring (LEAP) office strives to connect your student to all things blue and gold. The LEAP office is where our Lumberjacks connect, lead, and thrive.
  • From the Presidential Leadership Fellows program to workshops and conferences, your student has access to vast leadership development opportunities. We want all students to recognize the potential they have, while committing to strengthening their leadership skills.
  • Campus engagement includes attending events, joining a student organization, and giving back. Your student will build their resume, make friends, and have fun by engaging in life outside the classroom.
  • From concerts and movies to weekly activities, your student is invited to show us their Lumberjack pride all year long. The student-run Lumberjack Activities Board creates events with your Lumberjack in mind.
Peer Mentoring
  • What better way to navigate Lumberjack life than with someone who is also living it? Peer mentors can help your student learn about campus, make connections, and point them in the right direction academically.
Encourage your student to follow us on Instagram and stay connected at to never miss an opportunity.

Connect your Lumberjack to care at Counseling Services

Counseling Services will continue to offer a full range of services via telehealth during spring 2021, including individual, couples, and group counseling; daytime and after-hours crisis services; and perhaps most importantly for parents and families, consultation regarding students of concern. Counseling Services will also maintain its expanded services to NAU statewide and in-state online students.
Counseling Services staff and trainees aim to provide inclusive, ethical, high-quality care and support to all students in need.  In that spirit, to better understand what happens when a student initiates services at Counseling Services, the following describes a typical path to care:
Counseling Services path to care infographic. Student requests access to services at CS (Student is scheduled for Path to Care meeting), Explore concerns, assess risk, determine path of care (Determination of appropriate resources and match to services at CS, or in the student's current location), Goal is to match student's immediate needs with available resources (May or may not be offered at NAU CS (i.e. telehealth), Initiate CS Services or Referral to Off-campus, self-help, online resources.
More information about Counseling Services is available on our website, or call us at 928-523-2261.
An NAU student meeting virtually with friends via Zoom while staying home.

Eight virtual friending ideas for your Lumberjack

We know that you care about connecting your student to the NAU community. With physical distancing, students have found new ways to create connections. The Parent and Family Services team connected with NAU students to ask them how they have made new friends this year.
  1. Look for clubs and events on True Blue Connects. Students can go to the True Blue Connects website and discover all of NAU’s student organizations, including the events that these clubs will be hosting in the future.
  2. Chat with someone while picking up food at a dining location. Lumberjacks can connect in-person while visiting one of our 25+ dining locations on campus.
  3. Check the NAU Events website for connection-based events. The NAU Events website features events from across NAU. Students can search by category and location.
  4. Reach out to your RA or student mentor. Ask your Lumberjack to check their email for communications from their RA or student mentor. RAs and mentors can help your student find unique connections in their community.
  5. Message a classmate to connect with a study partner. While students are attending their classes online, they can connect with peers through messaging features to meet new people, create study partners, and create friendships that may last long after their time at NAU.
  6. Attend Supplemental Instruction or tutoring sessions. Smaller academic settings like Supplemental Instruction and tutoring sessions can be a great way for NAU students to make peer connections.
  7. Create a group chat with classmates. In order to stay connected with friends and classmates, students can create group chats using apps; common platforms include GroupMe, Snapchat, Instagram, and Discord.
  8. Participate in Zoom & outdoor fitness activities. Campus Recreation is hosting Group Fitness classes throughout the semester – formats include Zumba, Yoga, Cycle, and much more. Check out the outdoor and virtual schedules.
NAU is committed to the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff and follows CDC’s recommended guidelines on COVID-19. Not every photo in this e-newsletter will precisely represent these guidelines, as we aim to accurately present the NAU experience for you and balance that need with imagery that reflects the COVID-19 policies we have in place. Visit for our current campus health safety guidelines.
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