Minnesota Housing Announces Funding Availability
Minnesota Housing and its partners are pleased to announce the 2021 Consolidated Request for Proposals (RFP) is now open for applications.
The annual Consolidated RFP process makes funding available to help build and preserve homes that are affordable in communities throughout Minnesota. With your partnership, we can help Minnesotans live and thrive in a safe, stable home they can afford in a community of their choice.
We know that the affordable housing industry is not immune to the impacts of COVID-19 and the economic downturn. The rising cost of materials and construction is impacting the cost of new production and preservation of existing homes and developments. Minnesota continues to struggle with an insufficient supply of single-family homes and apartments people can afford. The Agency’s resources are critical to bringing more developments to fruition to help meet the demand.
This year brings a new Qualified Allocation Plan, and with it, an emphasis on serving lower income households and longer-term affordability. 
You’ll see changes that reflect Minnesota Housing’s interest in engaging ownership and development teams led by women or by Black, Indigenous or people of color. 
Also new this year is an added eligible use for Housing Infrastructure Bonds: financing the construction of new single-family homes. 
Thank you to all our funding partners involved in this Consolidated RFP, including the Metropolitan Council, Ramsey County and Greater Minnesota Housing Fund.
Read on for the latest guidance for single-family and multifamily applications and for contacts for technical assistance.
Important Dates
Single Family Application Submission Deadline
  • Thursday, July 15 by noon: Single Family Application deadline
Multifamily Application and Section 811 Project-based Rental Assistance (PRA) Submission Deadlines
  • Thursday, May 20 by noonIntent to Apply deadline
  • Thursday, May 20 by noon: Section 811 PRA pre-application due
  • Thursday, June 10: Applicants will be notified of Section 811 PRA program eligibilty
  • Thursday, July 15 by noonMultifamily application deadline including site control, qualification forms and financials
    Note: the application fee is also due by this date.
Minnesota Housing expects to recommend proposals for selections at our December board of directors meeting. 
Review Available Resources
Single Family Resources
Single Family Homeownership Resources:
  • Grant funds
  • Deferred loan funds
  • Interim construction loans
The Single Family Request for Proposals will include funding for the Workforce and Affordable Homeownership Development program.
Single Family - Housing Infrastructure Bonds (HIB) Proceeds Deferred Loans:
  • NEW! Value gap (difference between the total development costs and the after-improved appraised value) for all program eligible entities
  • NEW! Owner-occupied rehabilitation direct costs for all program eligible entities
  • Land acquisition and utility connections for community land trusts only
Single Family funds may be used for the following activities:
  • Acquisition, rehabilitation, resale (grants or interim construction loans)
  • Affordability gap/down-payment and closing cost assistance (grants or deferred loans)
  • New construction (grants or interim construction loans)
  • Owner-occupied rehabilitation (grants or deferred loans)
  • Tribal Indian Housing Program (grants)      
Multifamily Resources
Multifamily Rental Projects:
  • $10.5 million (estimated) in 2022 Housing Tax Credits (HTC) Round 1
  • Deferred loans on a competitive basis
  • Housing Infrastructure Bonds (HIBs); subject to 2021 legislative session approval
  • Amortizing first mortgages (applicants may apply through the Consolidated RFP or may contact us separately to inquire about mortgages outside of the Consolidated RFP)
  • Section 811 PRA
Application Tools
The application instructions below provide essential information and important details for submitting an application and the required supporting documentation for all application types. 
Request Technical Assistance
We want to help you submit strong proposals. Check out the technical assistance opportunities below.
Single Family Applicants
Multifamily and Section 811 PRA Applicants
Create a Portal Account (for Multifamily and Section 811 PRA Applications only)
All multifamily applications are required to be submitted in the Multifamily Customer Portal. The Multifamily Customer Portal facilitates the application and post-selection process for developers seeking funding from Minnesota Housing for rental housing that is affordable.
New to Applying?
Gather Application Materials
Project Eligibility, Feasibility and Organizational Capacity
Minnesota Housing will select a variety of project types throughout Minnesota communities and we prioritize projects by community need, feasibility, organizational capacity, reasonableness of deferred loan request and strategic priorities. Learn more about our guiding principles and priorities in Minnesota Housing’s 2020-2022 Strategic Plan. We encourage proposals for a variety of project types including:
  • Permanent supportive housing for homeless populations 
  • Preservation projects (both rental and homeownership)
  • New construction of affordable homes for purchase
  • Workforce housing
  • Senior housing
Please review and analyze the Community Profiles data to help identify areas that fit these criteria. 
Funding Recommendations
After applications are received and reviewed, all funding recommendations are subject to approval by the Minnesota Housing board of directors. The selection date is anticipated to occur at the December 2021 board of directors meeting and the date will be posted on Minnesota Housing’s website. Funding partner proposal recommendations will be made at their respective board meetings.  
COVID-19 Guidance and Updates (for Multifamily Applications only)
Minnesota Housing recognizes that COVID-19 creates certain application challenges. Considering this, Minnesota Housing has modified requirements and offers guidance related to important application components outlined below. Please contact katie.moore@state.mn.us to discuss any other issues or concerns as you prepare your Consolidated RFP proposal. We appreciate your partnership and communication with us as you develop application proposals in the current environment.
Needs Assessments: Physical Needs Assessment (PNA), Capital Needs Assessment (CNA) and Critical Needs Guidance
Applicants who haven’t completed the inspections required for needs assessment(s) are encouraged to find alternative ways to collect information about capital needs and deficiencies rather than mobilizing assessors to sites. This may involve looking at past maintenance records, interviewing property managers and property maintenance staff, conducting resident surveys, etc. Please indicate on the PNA/CNA/20 year capital expenditure template how information was gathered. Unverified needs assessments may require follow-up inspections and/or further documentation after selection and during the due diligence phase. If you have any concerns or question(s) about assessment methods, please contact the Minnesota Housing staff architect assigned to your region
Market Studies 
Market study analysts may encounter hindrances to completing work, particularly related to field work and accessing market information. Disruption to regular office hours for important contacts such as property managers, HRAs, and planning officials, and teleworking may create delays in analysts’ ability to obtain certain market information. If circumstances restrict analysts’ ability to complete a market study, Minnesota Housing suggests the following alternatives for information-gathering.
Field Work:
  • Consult third parties, such as architects or engineers 
  • Use internet services such as Google Earth, Google Street View, Bing or county assessor websites
  • For existing properties, request a virtual tour or photographs of the site from the property manager
  • For new construction, the developer may also be a resource for photographs
Surveying Current Rent Data:
  • Use alternative data sources for rents
  • Access published information on properties’ or management companies’ websites
  • Consider aged data from an interview from the recent past (to be disclosed in the report if used)
If any of these alternatives or others are used to produce the market study, the analyst must disclose and detail their methods. Please contact htc.mhfa@state.mn.us if you have questions or concerns.
Scoring Wizard and New Self-Scoring Worksheet (for Multifamily Applications only)
Scoring Wizard
We are excited to announce a new Scoring Wizard for the Self-Scoring Worksheet that all applicants will use for scoring their application to the 2021 Consolidated RFP. The Scoring Wizard is a new tool within the Multifamily Customer Portal that will replace the Excel version of the Self-Scoring Worksheet. Minnesota Housing is hosting two live training opportunities: 
2022-2023 Self Scoring Worksheet
Minnesota Housing is committed to providing training on the new 2022-2023 Self-Scoring Worksheet. In addition to one-on-one, project-specific technical assistance, a live training opportunity will be hosted to provide an in-depth look at the scoring and supporting documentation requirements.
The Scoring Wizard and Self-Scoring Worksheet trainings will be recorded and posted in the Training Tutorials section on the Multifamily Application Resources webpage.
Multifamily Income and Rent Limits Coming Soon (for Multifamily Applications Only)
The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) published FY2021 income limits for the Section 8 program and the Multifamily Tax Subsidy Projects (MTSP) for Housing Tax Credits and Tax-Exempt Bond financed properties. Per HUD, these limits have an effective date of April 1, 2021. Minnesota Housing uses the HUD published limits to compute income and rent limits for all its loan programs. We will post 2021 income and rent limits on this webpage as soon as we are able and will send a separate eNews when updated limits are available.
Single Family Applicants
Multifamily Applicants
Section 811 PRA Applicants
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