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The loss of life in Haiti from Hurricane Matthew is indeed tragic, but this isn't the first hurricane to hit Haiti and it won't be the last. In situations like these, donations are often diverted to emergency organizations and away from missions like ours. This is understandable, but is it for the best?

As you likely read in last week's update, it is education that allows for preparedness and builds local capacity. Storms should send greater investment to education, not less. It is difficult in times of tragedy to speak candidly about the issues with relief and aid; however, it is the most important time to do so. Othewise, long-term solutions, like education, will continue to be underfunded.

Excess tragedy happens in Haiti because the country lacks the institutions and infrastructure to prepare for, endure, and respond to natural disasters. We stand with our students at this challenging time by promoting education as the way to keep this harrowing story from repeating itself over and over again.

It is time to stop thinking of Haitians simply as victims in need rather than a people ready to build a better future for Haiti. LCS graduates are uniquely qualified to do just that. As the world calls for hundreds of millions in relief, let us remember, both now and after the emergency is over, that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

DPM, Scott, & Patrick
Deacon Patrick Moynihan, President, The Haitian Project, Inc.
Scott LeGrand, Chair, THP Board of Directors
Patrick Brun, Vice Chair, THP Board of Directors & Haitian Private Sector Leader
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Our Mission: The Haitian Project through its support of Louverture Cleary School, a free Catholic, co-educational boarding school in Haiti, provides for the education of academically talented and motivated students from Haitian families who cannot afford the cost of their children’s education in order to maximize their potential and enable them to work toward building a Haiti where justice and peace thrive.
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