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Sept. 7, 2021 

The Participation List, Map and Program are complete and online. We're getting there!

The ticket price is $75 per day and $20 per day for Designated Drivers (no wine).
We will be adding details about the Friday night tastings later today and then TICKETS will go on sale next Tuesday - Sept. 14th.        Questions...Debbie@wineroad.com

Varietal of the Month

We will begin posting a feature called "Varietal of the Month" on our blog, it will be added to our home page on WineRoad.com and shared on social. This post gets a ton of traction with link to your shopping carts.
We will taste and review up to 7 wines for the post, featuring different varietal each month. We can only include ONE wine from a winery and a winery can only submit for ONE varietal. We can't feature the same winery month after month... Today I am looking for Viogner for October, then I'll need Malbec for Nov and a Sparkling for Dec. Wines can be dropped at the office anytime (let me know ahead of time, so I don't get too many wines).  These are prior posts, so you can see what we're talking about.
This is the first thing guests see on our website.
Click to see if YOUR hours are correct.  If not, email beth@wineroad.com and let me know the edit needed. You cannot edit this page yourself.

"Featured Members" On Facebook

As an FYI, we post a "featured member" every day on our Facebook page. We post a winery on Mon, Wed & Fri and a lodging on Tues and Thurs.  Most of you may not see the Wine Road posts in your newsfeed, but we do tag members when we share your links. Check our our page...  Facebook.com/wineroad

Corp Gifting and VIP Experience

Check out this link to see the new program we are launching to connect YOU with businesses needing gifting or VIP experiences for their top tier clients or for "team building".
Then fill out THIS FORM if you want to be included.

Rancho Mirage Wine & Food Festival - February 25-26

Wine Road will reimburse $100 when the event happens.  
For details download the registration here
We hope to have 20 wineries head down, so we can set up banners for "Destination Wine Road" and really showcase our AVAs. 
So far 9 wineries have signed up. This is a great audience.

Thank you to our partners for their financial support.

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