Look inside to find out about OISS Fall Orientation
Look inside to find out about OISS Fall Orientation
CALI Training
Dear Valued  International Allies,
OISS is excited to launch its virtual Fall 2020 orientation program for international students: Virtual CALI!
Several of you have asked for information regarding our orientation program, and so we are pleased to share this overview with you!

How To Access Virtual CALI Schedule and Requirements
Yesterday, OISS sent out emails to incoming undergraduate and graduate international students to provide them with an overview of the Virtual CALI schedule, requirements, and what to expect:
In addition, OISS will be keeping our Virtual CALI webpages up-to-date with all orientation materials as they are released to the students. Please feel free to visit our oiss.ucsb.edu/cali-training at any time if you'd like to access webinar recordings, educational materials, etc.
Button links to the individual pages for undergrads and grad students can be found below.


Incoming international students are mandated by Federal Immigration Policy to complete OISS CALI Training
CALI stands for California, and it also stands for Cultural Awareness, Laws, and Immigration--concepts that have special importance for international students.
In years past, OISS delivered CALI in two parts: CALI Online and In-person CALI.
Over the summer, our incoming class completed CALI Online via GauchoSpace as scheduled.
Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, OISS will not be able to host CALI training in person this year. Instead, our staff has innovated our program so that we can deliver it to students remotely. (As countless of other departments have done as well!)
We have emphasized asynchronous and after-hours programming to accomodate students who are located in various time zones across the globe. 

Thank You
If you or your department responded to our call for resources and contributed a resource, weblink, welcome video, etc., thank you!
We'd also like to thank each and every individual receiving this email for supporting our international students in one shape or form. The outpouring of support for our international Gaucho community has been uplifting. We look forward to growing our community, finding opportunities to collaborate, and fostering strong Gaucho bonds.
If you have any additional resources, input or feedback you would like to contribute to our Virtual CALI or international support services, plese don't hesitate to reach out to Ashley Rifkin(Programs Coordinator) or Maya James (Marketing+Communications.)
Visit the Undergrad Virtual CALI Page
Visit the Grad Virtual CALI Page


You are receiving this email because you have been identified as an International Ally at UCSB. We encourage you to stay on this mailing list in order to receive important announcements from OISS regarding upcoming events, immigration alerts and operational updates. 


For any inquiries regarding CALI Training, email oissprograms@sa.ucsb.edu
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