Saturday Schedule Change, COVID Precautions, New Daily Schedule, and more
Saturday Schedule Change, COVID Precautions, New Daily Schedule, and more
August 12, 2020

Changes to Saturday Schedule

Advisory meetings this Saturday will be for STUDENTS ONLY


Day Parents,
12:55 PM Drop your child off at the Gym Parking Lot.
  • Upper School students should bring their laptop.
  • Students should NOT bring other school supplies until Monday.
SAS faculty members and staff will be at the Gym Parking Lot to welcome day students and guide them to their advisory meeting locations.

1:00 PM-2:00 PM Students Meet with Advisors
Students will meet with their advisor and fellow advisees, including boarding advisees, to view a Welcome from Mr. Sjolund, and videos on our Dress Code, Honor Code, and COVID-19 Protocols. Advisors will also instruct students on how to access SAS’s new learning management system, CORE, and their email and familiarize them with the new daily schedule. Middle school students will be issued their Chromebook. 

2:00 PM Day Students should be picked up at the Gym Parking Lot.

It's Almost Time

Preparing for School Year 2020-2021 links to everything you need to know before school starts.
Get Your Account in Order Student billing accounts must be current before school starts. Questions? Contact Sarah Sells, Business Office Associate. 
Order your textbooks through MBS Direct.

Important COVID-19 Info

Day Parents, Have YOU Downloaded the App?

Day students must complete a daily screening each day BEFORE coming to school via the Magnus PHR App. Day families, please download the app NOW.
To Download and Setup the PHR App
  1. Log into Magnus as you normally would.
  2. Hover over your name within Magnus (top left of screen).
  3. Choose "Change Credentials".
  4. Create a Username & Password that only you know and will remember. This username/password combination will be used as your PHR mobile app login only.
  5. Download the "Magnus Mobile V2" App from the Apple Store or the Google Play store, and log in using your newly created username & password.

SARS-CoV-2 Tests

We will complete this round of testing this week. All testing is done on the SAS campus. Please be sure to complete the testing waiver before your child's test. Your child must have a negative SARS-CoV-2 test before attending in-person classes. 
Read more on our COVID-19 protocols.

Face Coverings

Everyone will be expected to wear face coverings when physical distancing is not possible or may be disrupted, including classrooms, hallways, and communal spaces outside of the residential houses. 

Physical Distancing

Classrooms will be set up to maintain physical distancing among students. Classrooms are arranged with all desks facing in the same direction. Teachers are encouraged to use our many outdoor classrooms when it is practical and to keep doors and windows open when conditions allow. Traffic patterns in the Simmonds Building and Wade Hall for the Sciences will also be established to reduce crowding and increase physical distancing.
Read more on our COVID-19 protocols. We also encourage you to read the COVID-19 Protocols video created by our Conduct Council.

First Day of School and New Schedule

School begins Monday, August 17 at 8:45 a.m. Students will begin in their advisory locations.

Early Drop-Offs Discouraged

School obligations begin at 8:45 a.m. Parents are discouraged from dropping their child off prior to 8:30 a.m. If an early drop off is necessary, the child will check-in at the Bishop Bratton reception area and then be directed to a central location until school obligations begin. Children will not be allowed to congregate in the hallways. Day students may not eat breakfast in the dining hall. 

Staying Connected

Student Email Addresses and CORE New students will receive instructions on logging into their email accounts during opening weekend. All students will learn how to log into our new learning management system, CORE, during the first week of school. Questions about email? Contact IT Support Coordinator Paul Schutz. Questions about CORE? Contact Assistant to the Academic Dean Shawna Midgett.
Wifi Networks While you're on campus, you can access our wifi network at: 
SAS_Guest Password: UBLong1868
Students will be provided access to their own network.

Need After School Care?

The Middle School After Care Program (MAC) provides supervision for students who are not participating in an Afternoon Program. There are a variety of pricing options. Middle School students who do not have an Afternoon Program and who are not enrolled in the MAC program, must leave campus by 3:30 p.m. Questions? Contact Director of Auxiliary Programs Lizzie Duncan

School Store

The School Store is now stocking masks, camp chairs, class supplies, spirit wear, and more. Store hours will be posted. Questions? Contact Director of Auxiliary Programs Lizzie Duncan.

Highlights of the Week

Note that only calendar highlights and home games are listed here. View the full calendar for all events. 
Subscribe to SAS calendars to have school events, team schedules, and calendar updates delivered to and updated on your desktop or mobile device.
SARS-CoV-2 Testing continues
Faculty meetings
4:00 PM With Sewanee: Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul-Conversations of Truth, Hope, and Love
10:00 PM With Sewanee: Comedian Henry Cho
10:00 AM
Proctor Training
7:30 PM Boarding Activity: Movie Night on the Quad
8:00 PM With Sewanee: Q&A with Pulitizer Prize-Winning author Jon Meacham
9:00 PM With Sewanee: An Evening of Song with Bea Troxel
1:00 PM Advisory Meetings for Students
7:00 PM Boarding Activity: Open Union and Bonfire with S'mores
10:00 PM With Sewanee: Boy Named Banjo
Boarding Activity: Sunday Funday!
7:00 PM Boarding Activity: Compline
University Classes Begin
8:45 AM First Day of SAS Classes, Begin in Advisory
11:40 AM Dean of Students Lunch with Middle School Students
12:45 PM
Chapel: Introduction to Episcopal Identity

Looking Ahead

THU AUG 20 Signing of the Honor Code
THU AUG 20 Golf Home Opener
THU AUG 27 Book Club Discussions

Be Informed and Stay in Touch

SAS-A-FACTS is our weekly source for SAS news for parents and guardians. It is shared with students, faculty, and staff. You will receive it every Wednesday at 10 a.m. (Central)
Bookmark Parent Essentialsyour best source for important links to school information, including information on Preparing for the New School Year
CORE provides class schedules, homework assignments, and more. Instructions for logging on to SAS CORE will be available at Parent Essentials

Driving on Campus

Day Student Drop-Off

  • Students may be dropped off at the Gym/McCrory Hall or the Academic Complex. 
  • To access the Gym/McCrory Hall drop-off, come in through our main gates (Quintard Road), turn left in front of McCrory Hall and use the McCrory Hall drive.
  • To access the Academic Complex drop-off, please use Firetower Road, turn on to Bishop Campbell Road, and turn right at the main drive (Quintard Road).
  • If your child is not immediately ready to exit or enter the car, pull through the McCrory driveway or the Bishop Bratton parking lot and into one of the designated short term parking spots.
  • Parents and students should not drive in front of the Chapel, behind the Langford Building (administration), or behind Wade Hall for the Sciences.
  • If your child(ren) have to cross traffic to get to their destination, please have them cross in front of YOUR car.
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