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To my SWEAT peeps...

It's been a few weeks since we chatted and a lot has  gone down.  We started school, what feels like the second time over with the delay from Dorian, I've done a second show and going to do a third and final one in November and we are in the midst of Janus.  One thing always remains, even when we are not chatting via these emails weekly, is that you all continue to show up and give me 150% each and every day.  It makes me so happy when my key goes into the door on Monday mornings.  I know we're starting the week off with a much needed cardio detox sesh as I hear all of you share your weekend shenanigans.  Sometimes I just sit back, listen and watch as gym friends morph into personal family friends outside of working out.  One of the true joys of creating this space for you all!  It's so much more than just a gym.  Thank you for trusting in me and trusting in SWEAT.  

There's a lot of things happening so let's get down to the nitty gritty and get caught up...

SWEAT News...
There are those life moments when you're at a crossroad and need to decide which path to take.  Ki hit that crossroad as she is working on being a single mom.  She has taken a new full time position, outside of wedding planning, and focusing on her kids.  With that, she cannot teach regularly here at SWEAT.  She will remain on the schedule as a sub, so you will still get the chance to take her classes here and there.  I've loved having her on our team and teaching, but know she is exactly where she needs to be, focusing on what's really important.  In regards to the class schedule...
  • Ashley will be permanently taking over Tuesday 6:00 am since y'all have loved having the old school parking lot bootcamp back.  
  • Wednesdays at 5:30 pm will now be Wednesday WOD.  "What is WOD?"  It's a Workout Of the Day.  You will be faced with a new competitive based workout each week to complete when you walk in the door.  This training workout is limited to 6 people and is done on your own.  The music will be on, the workout will be up, all you have to do is kick your own ass!  LOL!

While we’re talking classes, there’s a few other changes taking place:
  • In order to not be repetitive for the late morning classes on Wednesdays, Laura’s 8:30 am class will now be “ Cardio and Core," literally focusing on those two items solely.  Longer bouts of HIIT cardio and "anything goes" for the core hitting only the specific region from nipples to knees, while Dalas will keep doing his thing at 9:15 am which will be a total body burn focusing on upper and lower body strength with some cardio mixed in.
  • I decided to combine the Turn and Burn (45) with Ultimate Challenge on Saturday mornings to give you the best of both worlds.  One combined class from 8:00 - 9:15 am.  I think this will be a killer combo for those that crave the bike and still want a lil’ something more.  In this class, the components are optional, and you do NOT have to participate in the extras if you do not want to.

Janus 2019 is on!!  We just completed the first mini challenge with mini challenge number 2 "Brain & Brawn" going down this Wednesday through Sunday.  Every day counts.  Every workout counts.  Every meal counts. Every challenge counts.  Several are learning to "trust the  trainer" and if they do exactly as I say, they will get results.  Three teams learned that this past weekend as they not only lost 3% body fat as a team in two weeks, they also added 3 pounds of muscle.  100 points were awarded to those three teams, which shifted a new team into the lead for the time being.  Congrats to Yasmin and Adel for jumping up the leader board!  Also a shout out goes to Sarah and Lyndsey and Cassie and Jason for crushing the goal at hand and adding 100 points to their overall total.  

We all have that one friend that "talks" about going to the gym or always says they'll start "next week."   Making a commitment to yourself is hard for some.  They feel guilty or selfish for taking time for themselves.  I see this daily.  Of course this got me thinking.  How I can help reach those people that struggle with carving out time for themselves? As with Janus, having someone to be accountable to ups the ante or desire to follow through with "showing up."  Sometimes that's all we need is to know someone is waiting for us to show up.  Reach out to those you know that may need a nudge.  It can be a friend, neighbor, relative, co-worker.  Bring them with you to try a class anytime through the end of this month (of course their first class is always on us).  If they enjoy it and purchase a  class card for October, you will receive a lil' something for helping them to show up.  Sometimes just extending the olive branch is all anyone needs.  From there, they will then flourish!  

As a reminder, please don't forget to write your shit down if you take bars, protein shakes, bread, waters, etc.  If you take something and forget in the moment, just text me and I'll add it to the sheet.  I get that you might be in a hurry to get into class or your training session.  The clipboard is on the red counter so jot your name down along with the products and appropriate quantity taken.  We have that new pretty sign on the fridge to remind you too. 

Good Read/Listen...

Now that kids are back to school, we need to be sensitive to the peer pressure that surrounds them and their desire to "fit in."  As parents, we need to be actively engaged in their lives, to notice if they are walking down a path they shouldn't.  They are exposed to more and more dangers, can access and purchase things at the click of a button and most times they think it's ok because "everyone's" doing it.  Most of us are aware of vaping, and it's now trickling down to kids as young as elementary school.  Why do people, or maybe I should say kids,  think that it's 'safer' than smoking.  Yes, there may be fun flavors for them to inhale, but chemicals are chemicals and the dangers to vaping are still unknown. I urge you to take a moment to read this article about a 17 year old that ended up in the ICU for vaping.  Encourage your kids to read it.  The reality is scary but they need to know the consequences and how it can affect their life.  If anyone has been affected personally by vaping, or know anyone close to them who has, and would like to share your story, email me at fitguru97@gmail.com.  Knowledge is power and the more we share, the more we can help make a difference.   
I hope with all my heart that you are making yourself a priority and that you are committed to a great week.  Be sure to spend a few moments being present with your thoughts.  What is going well for you this week?  What would you change if you could?  Sit in those questions.  Think how you can apply and attack next week differently.  Maybe everything is going great and you wouldn't change a thing.  Maybe you need a task list so you can ensure you stay organized. Whatever it is, be on it and make the rest of this week nothing but amazing.  If I can help you in any way, let me know!  My door is always open! 

Much love,

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