This CIO Insight focuses on technology tools for faculty.
This CIO Insight focuses on technology tools for faculty.

Special Faculty November Edition

This edition of the CIO Insight is dedicated to equipping faculty with the resources they need to explore and take advantage of the full lineup of technology resources available to Kennesaw State University faculty.  

Learn More About Web Conferencing Tools

These tools will help you connect to the KSU community and beyond.  These tools offer different features to meet campus needs.  
Microsoft Teams offers users workspace chat and videoconferencing, file storage, and application integration.

Zoom Meetings is a platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars. 

Blackboard Collaborate is a real-time video conferencing tool that lets you add files, share applications, and use a virtual whiteboard to interact.

Learn More About Media Tools

Explore these media tools that will help instructors create and manage course media.
Kaltura MediaSpace is a platform on which users can securely create, upload, share, search, browse, and watch live and on-demand videos, presentations, screencasts, and other rich media content, anytime, anywhere.

Kaltura MediaSpace Guide

Kaltura MediaSpace Guide for Integration with D2L Brightspace

Kaltura MediaSpace Captioning

VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments in 5 ways - using voice (with a mic or telephone), text, an audio file, or video (via a webcam).

SoftChalk is a fast, easy, and flexible way to create, manage, and share digital curriculum in D2L.

Learn More About D2L

D2L is a powerful tool to connect instructors to their students. Explore some of the basics as well as the more advanced tools below.

Learn More About Collaboration Tools

These tools can help students, faculty, and staff collaborate across the classroom or across the world.  
Microsoft Teams offers users workspace chat and videoconferencing, file storage, and application integration.

Adobe Acrobat DC allows users to view, create, manipulate, print, and manage files in Portable Document Format. 

DocuSign is a platform in which users can share and sign digital documents, agreements, and contracts.  

Learn More About Classroom Tools

These technology tools inside many campus classrooms will help you connect with students in the classroom as well as those learning remotely.  

Learn More About Student Engagement Tools

Keep students curious and connected by using these student engagement tools.

The Service Desk is Ready to Assist You

Kennesaw State University Service Desk is available to assist students, faculty, and staff with technology issues related to university-owned devices and university-supported software. 

KSU Self-Service Website:

December's CIO Insight: Technology Resources for Students

December's CIO Insight will explore resources for students. Instructors can add these great resources to course syllabi so that students can take advantage of all the technology resources available to them.   

Get One-on-One Support

If you, one of your colleagues, or one of your students has a specific question or area in which they need help using  campus-supported software, one-on-one appointments are available here.  

Technology Workshops to Grow Your Skills

There are FREE workshops available to grow your technology skills.  These workshops were designed to complement and support the work of faculty and staff at Kennesaw State University.  
Explore the available training workshops here.
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