See the CCAS faculty that received press coverage last month!
See the CCAS faculty that received press coverage last month!
Columbian College of Arts & Sciences: Faculty Getting Press
April 2022

Among the Columbian College faculty getting press during April were the following individuals:

American Studies

Arts & Design

The Corcoran School of Arts & Design’s NEXT student exhibition was featured by DCist in the article “GW’s Corcoran School Hosts Its First In-Person Student Exhibit In Two Years.”


R. Alexander Pyron was quoted by The New York Times in the article “From King Cobras to Geckos, 20 Percent of Reptiles Risk Extinction.”


Paul Carrillo spoke to CNN en Español about a possible real estate bubble
Steven Hamilton authored the article “We need a strong public service –– but consultants have their place,” for The Sydney Morning Herald.
Albert Keidel spoke to CGTN about China’s economy.
Tara Sinclair was quoted by The New York Times in the article “The U.S. Economy Is Booming. So Why Are Economists Worrying About a Recession?’’; by The Washington Post in the article “Markets tank over new questions about where the economy is heading”; and by Business Inside in the article “Why you feel like the economy is crappy even though it's not.”
Joann Weiner spoke to Hearst TV about the March unemployment report. She was quoted by Nexstar Media Group in the article “Could the U.S. be facing another recession?

Media & Public Affairs

Thomas Edsall authored The New York Times article “Trump Poses a Test Democracy Is Failing.” The article quoted Matthew Graham, a postdoctoral researcher with the GW Institute for Data, Democracy and Politics. 
Ethan Porter was quoted by The Washington Post in the article “Twitter lags behind its rivals. Here’s why Elon Musk bought it anyway.
Thom Shanker was interviewed in a USA Today video that ran in the article “A port city, a steel cage, a palace: The steps that made Putin 'the richest man in the world.'”

Political Science

Sarah Binder was quoted by The New York Times in the article “Biden White House Keeps Student Loan Payments at Bay Amid Inflation”; by Roll Call in the article “When amendments ruled the Senate”; and by Politico in the article “The Biden boom turns into a GDP bust.”
Nathan Brown was quoted by Agence France-Presse in the article “Executions, detentions hang over Saudi legal reforms.”
Harvey Feigenbaum was quoted by in the article “What Political Design Looks Like in France.”
Marc Lynch co-authored the article “Ukraine war has side effects on Middle East geopolitics” for The Washington Post.
David Shambaugh was quoted by Times Higher Education in the article “Biden team questions Congress’ fear of Confucius Institutes.”
David Szakonyi was featured in the New York magazine article “How Russia’s Oligarchs Laundered Their Reputations in the West” and by Hyperallergic in  “US Institutions Received Millions From Russian Oligarchs.” He was quoted by The Washington Post in the article “A month into the war, these companies still wrestle with exiting Russia.”

Public Policy and Public Administration

Leah Brooks was quoted by USA Today in the article “Biden reverses Trump to restore environmental law on highways, bridges, other projects”; by Marketplace in the article “The bump in the road for improvements to infrastructure” and by The Atlantic in the article “Community Input Is Bad, Actually.”
Stephanie Riegg Cellini had her research featured in The Washington Post in the article “Many certificate programs don’t pay off, but colleges want to keep them.”
Stephen Joel Trachtenberg was quoted by Inside Higher Ed in the article “When Presidential Searches Fail.

Regulatory Studies Center

Bridget Dooling’s research was featured on Federal News Network’s “Federal Drive With Tom Temin’’ in the segment “A new look at how agencies use contractors in the act of rulemaking.”



Michelle Kelso was quoted by Voice of America in the article “What's Behind American Support for Ukraine?” 
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