Cash remains an indispensable part of the payment system.
Cash remains an indispensable part of the payment system.
Dear Amber,
ATMIA Asia Pacific has seen great success in pushing back against misinformation and advancing the cause of cash. We have successfully pushed for the Reserve Bank of Australia to issue new advice on their website surrounding how to handle cash, explaining that cash should be treated like any other surface to view click here. This positive statement was re-enforced in the RBA’s recent corporate plan for 2020/21, which expressed the bank’s  commitment to “work to support the ongoing provision of cash services”. ATMIA will be maintaining close attention to misleading comments in relation to cash in the media and within broader debate.

As part of ATMIA’s Industry Position Paper on mandating cash as a payment option for transactions under $10,000.00 ATMIA has been seeking feedback from members on the best way to move forward with the paper. We have received insightful feedback from the surveys completed so far, and encourage all members to take some time out to complete the survey by clicking here.
ATMIA continues to work with various Industry Associations to gain their support with our Cash is So Good campaign. It's in the nation’s interest to provide consumers with the freedom to choose which payment method they prefer, to avoid discrimination against cash-users. This message was recently echoed by Mr. Ian Henschke from the National Seniors Australia states "it's unreasonable to assume seniors can immediately transition to offline". There is no doubt going completely cashless will disadvantage vulnerable members of society.
Finally, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and in the interest of our industry stakeholders,  ATMIA has changed the Sydney event to a virtual platform, this event will be on 8th-10th December and we encourage all industry stakeholders to diaries these dates as we release further details in the coming weeks. Feel free to contact  Reena Kaur anytime for further information regarding sponsorship packages.
Stay safe and stay strong.


Sandra Smith
Executive Director, Asia Pacific 
C: +61 424 300 660

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