Updates on Art, Music, PE and Health from the 1st Quarter
Updates on Art, Music, PE and Health from the 1st Quarter
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An update on the 1st Quarter from
Ms. Flores (Art), Ms. Heo (Music) and Mr. Enright (P.E./Health)

P.E./Health ~ Mr. Enright

Elementary Students

We begin every year with some review of our locomotor movements from last year.  Your children were able to demonstrate many of the movements we spent time on last year.  We also completed a unit on working together as a team and showing good sportsmanship.

Middle and High School Students

Our middle and high school students have also been working on their teamwork and sportsmanship.  They have completed a variety of teamwork challenges which may have caused some frustration, but ended up making them a stronger team in the process.  The middle and high school students have also been participating in a unit focused on throwing and catching a frisbee. We played some frisbee golf and bocce frisbee

In health class we have begun the year with our annual discussion of proper hygiene and good personal care.  We talked about the importance of a good night sleep and the avoidance of screen time for an hour before bed.  Recently our students have had the chance to participate in the sugar challenge. In this game, the students have to try and guess the amount of sugar in common foods and drinks.  I have also reminded them that the recommended amount of processed sugar daily is only 25-30 grams.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Enright at menright@ie-academy.org.

Art ~ Ms. Flores

High School

High School students earned about the Mayan culture and Mayan glyphs. We discussed how emojis are a modern form of this. Students designed their own glyph/emoji and converted their drawings into a clay slab format that represents them. They also wrote a brief statement about their emoji/glyph.
Middle School

Middle School students worked on across-curricular study of the Tree of Life based on the artwork of Gustav Klimt. Students learned about gold leafing and how the capitol dome is gold.The Tree of Life is also an Evidence Based Learning project related to Mrs. Melanson’s History class and STEAM activity. Art students had a choice of a 3D golden tree or painting a tree on gold paper.

Elementary students have been working on line study. We read, Where the Wild Things Are, and used lines to make monsters. Elementary has been working on line study to make personal monsters and told their stories about their monsters.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Flores at 

Music ~ Ms. Heo

Elementary School Students:  The students have continued to learn how to play the recorder. They did two pieces with the notes A & B with the quarter notes and half notes.

They have practiced six songs for the Veteran's Day and two songs (Snow Day, My Little Dreidle) for Winter Show.

Middle School Students & High School I: The students have continued to learn about science and music. The students explored sounds with balloons, wine glasses, popsicle sticks and different sizes of boxes. They observed their experiments based on the timber, frequency and amplitude. They also created music with their own instruments.

High School II: The students have learned about the film history, its settings, the role of the music and music director. In addition, they changed and created music for the same scenes to manipulate.

Music Club: The students had experiments about science and music. They made a stringed instrument called Blue Shark. Their work will be displayed at the STEAM.

Saxophone/Keyboard classes: Some students interested in learning an instrument have taken either saxophone or keyboard lessons during their study halls. Select students have practiced in the Unified Jazz at Northwest Catholic High school.

All grades: The students have prepared for the Veteran’s Day and practiced songs for the Winter Show.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Heo at kheo@ie-academy.org
Our 2nd Quater Update will be coming soon!
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