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Dear District Chair, 

It's time to register your district tournament dates and provide other information necessary for the NSDA to prepare your materials! This year, the listing will be submitted via and is due November 15. See the instructions below for more details. 
First, log into Tabroom with your NSDA user account email and password (please note, use the email address associated with your NSDA account, not the username). This information has been imported into Tabroom.
Once you've logged in, your district access screen will appear under Your Institutions at right. 
Then you will see a header for District Tournaments with a button to create your District Tournament listing, along with a roster of your District's member schools and their current status. Note that not all your member schools will necessarily be listed; only those who have linked their Tabroom schools to their NSDA school records will be visible. Once here, click “Create District Tournament.”

Screen One: Establish the date or dates of your district tournament series, indicate which IE tabulation method you will use and choice of tabulation tool (Tabroom or Joy of Tournaments), and order plaques and awards from the NSDA. 

Screen Two: This one will appear more complicated. The top half will ask you for finer details about your dates and deadlines, together with location information, for each weekend. The second half of the screen will ask you to specify which events are to be held on which weekends and will let you specify whether you need to order ballots/critiques in that event from the NSDA.
At the end of the form, please note you will be asked to share district fee information, as we are working to better understand district fee and judging structures.
Once you save this screen, you are all set! If you are running your district on Tabroom, you've now created your District Tournament already and can access it under Your Tournaments on your home screen for further configuration. If you are running a district on Tabroom for the first time, please contact us at for configuration assistance and other help.
If you are running your tournament on Joy of Tournaments, we will notify the folks at JOT automatically once your tournament is listed in Tabroom. If your district dates change, or you change which events are offered when, please change that in Tabroom and in JOT. Otherwise, you can run your tournament as normal on JOT and will be asked after to load your JOT datafile back into the Tabroom district tournament for verification and uploading to the Nationals registration. More instructions on that will be available once the district season starts. 
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