Maryhill's Newsletter for Arts Educators
Maryhill's Newsletter for Arts Educators
A Newsletter for Educators
MARCH 2021
Dear Educators,
Maryhill Museum of Art will open to the public on March 15, 2021, at limited capacity and with timed-entry tickets due to Covid-19 restrictions. We are so pleased to welcome visitors back to the museum and hope you can join us.
With regard to tours -- restrictions are changing frequently, so please check the website to see the current requirements for groups. 
In the meantime, please read on to learn about Maryhill's offerings for educators, including many you can take advantage of from afar!


Louise Palermo
Curator of Education 
Maryhill Museum of Art 

During the pandemic, as we huddled in our homes and sought the world outside through our computer monitors,  Maryhill Museum of Art worked to become an online resource for educators and families. We understood that the concepts of education and entertainment can be similar in the case of museums and are excited to share these opportunities from one place on our website. 
Maryhill@Home will take you to all the resources for home and classroom. You will find many aspects of the museum available virtually and easily accessed from one place. We continually add content so, like real museums, you can visit repeatedly.  You'll find:
Several areas of our collections have been made available and our curator, Steve Grafe, has added valuable information to enhance your understanding. Explore 1
0 online exhibitions and take a close-up look at objects and their context. 
activities have been created for teachers, students, and families to use. Activities engage aspects of our collections to enhance understanding and encourage creativity. Support for this initiative was provided by Judy A. Lackstrom and Robert E. Morrow. 
Join our 
Ekphrastic Poetry Project and Exquisitely Connected opportunities! Through poetic and visual expression, we encourage participation from around the country and offer ways to virtually engage with each other. Upload creative outcomes and Maryhill Museum of Art will share on Instagram, Facebook, and, eventually in an exhbition at Maryhill Museum! Thanks to Molly Gaston Johnston, an artist from New Jersey, for her role in creating Exquisitely Connected. Also, thanks to Janée Baugher, Maryhill’s Ekphrastic Poet-in-Resident for 2021 for her participation in the Ekphrastic Poetry Project. 
Our video library has some short videos to encourage looking at artwork toward understanding the language of the artwork itself, and we are in the process of making more. These videos help viewers engage with works of art in fun and meaningful ways. 
We are also creating a Virtual Tour for those who cannot yet make it to Maryhill in person and to introduce our collection to you until you are able to visit and see for yourself. 
Washington Art Education Association, Maryhill Museum of Art, and Tacoma Art Museum are excited to continue our successful collaboration bringng this exhibition back to the walls...and website.
Teachers as Artists will continue as an online exhibition, but you will also be able to safely visit Maryhill  to see the exhibition from March 15 - April 25, 2021. (Check our website for timed-entry tickets and information about COVID safety precautions.)
This year’s theme focuses on the positive CONNECTIONS art educators developed in this time of uncertainty. (Click here to see last year's Teachers as Artists exhibition.)
This year’s juror is Dylan McManus. McManus is currently the Dean of Library and Learning Commons at the Columbia Gorge Community College and is a nationally recognized printmaker. He is also co-founder of Little Bear Hill where he is artistic director of the post digital new media artists residency, printing press, and organic farm located in the Columbia Gorge of Northwestern United States. In 2019, McManus was the Artistic Director for Maryhill Museum of Art’s first The Exquisite Gorge Project resulting in a 66-foot-long woodblock print, printed via a 13-ton steamroller.  

Oregon Art Education Association (OAEA) will submit their works of art in late August for the exhibition that begins in October. Time to start creating! Connections!! 
Save the date and cross your fingers...we are hoping to hold our Summer Art Institute this summer. The dates are tentatively set for July 19-23, 2021, with the theme of Cultural Identity and Art. The five-day intenstive workshop we will explore, through the arts, how cultural identity can help us better understand ourselves and others.  Through reading, discussion, making art and the analysis of art, we will develop a deeper understanding of cultural identity and diversity, and how to teach our students about the multicultural landscape that surrounds us all. 
We will make a decision on holding the institute based on Covid-19 and the state's response and guidelines.
Please check our website as we get closer for information on costs and sign up. If you have questions in the meantime, please contact
Maryhill Museum’s collections are rich in fiber arts. From beautiful Romanian embroidery to rich baskets made by indigenous people of North America, you will find artworks made by hands, needle, loom, sewing machine, or hook. 
We are excited to announce plans for The Exquisite Gorge Project 2: Fiber Arts in 2022! Twelve artists from around Washington and Oregon will be working with communities along the Columbia River to educate and excite about fiber arts. Artists will create a sculpture that is 6 x 4 x 4.5 feet representing a segment of the Columbia River. Using the idea from the Surrealists, the Exquisite Corpse, each section will use the river as its “corpse” and will join to create a 66-fool long sculpture, once united in a big event in August 2022.
Have you ever used fiber arts in your lessons? Get ready to learn more! Lesson plans are being developed to allow you to expand your fiber arts vocabulary and skill. 
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