RTSWS is BACK for Our 10th School Year!
The 22-23 academic school year is among us! We’re so excited to be back in school to continue working with our corporate volunteers, sponsors, school champs, students, and alumnae to build on our global effort to bring gender and racial equity to the financial markets and advance young women into the field of finance. 
RTSWS now has programming across the globe! Our academic year-long program is in 64 high schools across 35 cities in the U.S., U.K., and Canada, with interest coming in from over 100+ cities, including Sydney, Singapore, and Mexico City.
New cities for 2022/2023
- London, England
- Austin, TX
- Honolulu, HI
- Des Moines, IA
- Omaha, NE
- Pasadena, CA
- Portland, OR
RTSWS Footprint:
We are proud to announce that Rock The Street, Wall Street has surpassed 5,000 girls enrolled in our program in the last 10 years. Located in 35 cities and 64 schools across the U.S., U.K., and Canada. 

Huge shoutout to our sponsors, mentors, volunteers, champion teachers, employees, and students for getting us there!

RTSWS Students Complete Summer 2022 Internships
This summer, several RTSWS students and alumnae participated in internship and bootcamp opportunities with many firms, including BlackRock, Chicago Capital, and Highline Capital. Hear what these students, alumnae, and internship directors had to say about the experiences below.
BlackRock Summer Excellence Internship Program (New York, NY)
With over 80 RTSWS students applying to this program, clearly the demand for internships being offered to high school students is thereThis is RTSWS' 3rd year of working with BlackRock and their high school internship team. We were thrilled to learn that so many of our students had applied. Four of our students out of a class of fifty were accepted to this wonderful preview of what a career in finance looks like.
“I enjoyed being able to work in a real firm and experience the environment at such an early point. Additionally, I met so many new people that made my time there so much more enjoyable.” - Silanta T. (Beacon School, 2023)
Chicago Capital High School Summer Internship (Chicago, IL)

"It was such a neat experience. All three young women were so impressive, they proved that they could do anything a college intern would be able to do. It did really resonate with me that it is so important for high school students to have these types of opportunities while they are looking at colleges and thinking about what they would like to study" - Jessica Kribs, (Chicago Capital, Internship Director)

“My favorite part about the experience was the nature of the company. Everyone there was always willing to help and was making sure I wasn't lost or confused while letting me also figure things out by myself. I learned so much across many different categories as well.” - Lilly K. (Hunter College High, 2023)

Pictures from the Chicago Capital Internship: 
Highline Capital Investment Bootcamp (New York, NY)
“I liked the guest speakers; they gave me lots of perspective into the diverse fields within finance. I also really appreciate learning applicable skills, and I feel as though I am much better prepared for the real world.” 
- Natalie V. (Hunter College High, 2022) 
RTSWS recently launched a new financial industry career quiz!
Join the 5,000 high school, college and middle school students that have completed the quiz and learned more about career opportunities in finance! 

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As we enter this next season of RTSWS programming, we are grateful for our corporate volunteers that go into the local high schools to teach hands-on workshops about finance, investments, and the capital markets, as well as provide mentoring relationships. 
Our volunteers are top-notch and bring our program to life, creating a strong focus on the barriers that need to be removed and the types of interventions that “lift” students’ interest, commitment, and ability to persist in the M of the STEM fields. 
With their help, we have improved the financial habits, confidence, and college and career choices of over 5,000 young women across the U.S., U.K., and Canada. We look forward to another year of creating racial and gender equity in the financial markets with our corporate volunteers! 
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