Dear Amber,
The Industry has seen the introduction of the Black economy taskforce’s suggested $10,000.00 ban on cash. It is important to stress that research undertaken by the association indicates that the impact of the ban on our industry will be minimal, due to existing restrictions on withdrawal amount being lower than the cash limit. Nonetheless, ATMIA will maintain close attention on the impact of the Cash ban, prepared to act and advocate fiercely if needed.
As part of our broader advocacy work, it gives me great pleasure to announce that Mr. Gavin Napier returns as the Chair of the Strategic Direction Committee in 2020. Gavin brings with him a wealth of knowledge which we look forward to harnessing. The 1st Strategic Direction Committee is scheduled for 8th April, the agenda and dialup details have been forward to AP members, please contact me if you would like me to resend this information.
One event not to be missed in 2020 is the Next-Gen ATMs and Payments conference. This two-day event will be held in Sydney from 29th to 30th July and will address the challenges and opportunities of our rapidly changing industry. The exhibition area will showcase the best in the industry and delegates will have time to network and discuss key issues and solutions.  To view the program, please click here.  For all questions related to sponsorship or exhibiting, please contact,
Finally, we encourage members to view ATMIAs Global Statement on - "Separating Facts from Fiction on Coronavirus (COVID-19)"  click here and Cash is strong in a crisis- the Role of ATMs in the Coronavirus Pandemic click here.
This chapter is in the process of arranging an AP Talking Points document specifically addressing questions, concerns, and other points related to (COVID-19). Please forward your submissions to sandra, and these details will be shared at our Strategic Direction teleconference forum on 8th April. 
Wishing you all good health and resilience. 
Sandra Smith
Executive Director, Asia Pacific 
C: +61 424 300 660

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Across the financial, retail, gaming and CIT industries, we’re helping our customers automate their cash processes to increase efficiency, enhance security and release staff to focus on the experience they deliver. Understanding each customer’s specific challenges allows us to design custom solutions that deliver real improvements in business performance. 
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New Coronavirus Health Crisis - Seperating Fact From Fiction

A Statement by the ATM Industry Association for Immediate Global Release

Panic reactions are happening across the world as the new corona virus, for which there isn’t yet human immunity, spreads. We are seeing emptier supermarket shelves, an extremely volatile stock market, cancelled events and flights and many other signs of fear spreading even faster than the virus itself.

The medical consensus is that this virus is transmitted through respiratory droplets, primarily when infected persons sneeze, or cough, and the viral droplets then hook onto mucous or saliva of another person to gain a foothold in their cells so the virus can reproduce in that new host body.

The best advice is to regularly sanitise hands and disinfect surfaces, which may have been contaminated by viral droplets, while avoiding, as far as possible, touching one’s nose, eyes or mouth. We know that in close contact with an infected person, such as when shaking hands, or when we touch a doorknob, tabletop or surface previously touched by an infected person, we run a risk of catching the virus.

Since people don’t usually sneeze or cough into their banknotes, and since we all touch dozens of surfaces every day, it is disingenuous to single out cash as a medium of transmission of the virus. Handling cards, mobile devices and touching keypads in public places, not to mention countless other surfaces, can carry an equal risk. What is important is frequent hand sanitising to kill off any viral droplets given that the virus has a fragile envelope surrounding it which can be readily destroyed through disinfectants


Have You Joined the Future-Proofing of the ATM Industry?

If not, we invite you to join the over 300 companies who are part of ATMIA’s Consortium for Next Gen ATMs, which is developing a new API App model for future ATMs. Be part of the future with over 55 banks and financial institutions and the top IADs in the world.

It is free for ATMIA members to join this global movement – simply email Mike at to become part of this critical exercise to ensure our technologies stay relevant for the next generation.

The consortium has already published a Next Gen business case toolkit, which identifies 22 cost-saving opportunities through embracing Next Gen architecture, 14 ways of improving revenue and 8 ways to build brand value. It enables a company to calculate potential Return on Investment depending on which sector of the industry you are in. View the toolkit on the
Next Gen portal.  

This project will shape the future in many ways creating a relevant and popular ATM for a new generation of consumers.

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We are happy to report that one of our Members, Mr. Tim Wildash from Next Payments has been involved in a media appearance to advance the cause of cash in our region. Click here
Webinar: Gearing up for Next Gen ATMs in the Breakthrough Year of 2020
Join us on 1 April for our next webinar. Free to all ATMIA members and $95 for non-members. A recording of the webinar will be sent to all registered attendees.
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Featured Reports

ATMIA recently published premium reports on a wide-variety of topics from security to the future of the industry – to provide you with a competitive edge in growing your ATM business in the ever-changing ATM marketplace.

Interviewing Former Crooks – A New Criminological Study on ATM Security 

ATM Industry News and Items of Interest.

CIBC Announces Senior Executive Appointments
Published Friday, February 28, 2020 
Brink’s Announces Investment in MoneyGram
Published Thursday, February 27, 2020 
GRGBanking Made Breakthroughs in Overseas Market
Published Thursday, February 27, 2020 
Global News
Fiserv runs field tests of 'Pin on Mobile' transactions 
Published Monday, February 24, 2020


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Is ATMIA's Executive Director, Sandra Smith, for the Asia Pacific region. Feel free to reach Sandra by email at or telephone +61 424 300 660 anytime. 
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