Corporate Work Study Profile, continued
Corporate Work Study Profile, continued

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NWESI Shares Employer Perspective, continued

Of her recent experiences, Evelyn said, “Thanks to this experience, I’ve learned more about responsibility and commitment. One of the most interesting tasks was analyzing data and graphs; it took a lot of critical thinking and that’s why I found it really interesting. Other things I enjoyed doing were working with CRM and looking into other projects and social media platforms…These stood out to me because I learned how communications and marketing work.” One of Evelyn’s supervisors, Nancy Christenson in Client Relations remarked on her work with Evelyn, “She was quick to learn not only the purpose and application behind the software, but also the functionality of its features. She also got a glimpse of the team dynamic when receiving communication from various colleagues.”

NWSEI is excited to continue working with DLSNC for the 2021-22 school year and to see what new projects we and our student can accomplish together.

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