October 2020 edition
October 2020 edition


The convergence of three great concepts 

The Consortium for NextGen ATMs is an ATMIA managed project that most of you are aware of – and nearly 400 organizations world-wide are participating in.  It guides the evolution of the ATM into a future utilizing an app- and API-based architecture, which will profoundly change and improve the consumer’s experience.  Not to mention the benefits it holds for ATM operators – lower costs, greater functionality, new revenue opportunities, and enhanced interoperability.  Undeniably, a great concept.
In 2015, the Federal Reserve created the Faster Payments Task Force (FPTF) so that the payments industry could influence the creation of new Real-Time Payments (RTP) systems.  The U.S. is now on a determined march toward RTP, in part, because of the FPTF.
Last year, the Fed announced their plan to create FedNow, which is intended to give all deposit account holders access to real-time payments, should their financial institution decide to offer those services.  What makes this of such interest to the ATM community is that RTP could be used to facilitate ATM withdrawals.  Another great concept.
The thread that will tie all of this together is the global emergence of Open Banking solutions/services.  A Google search for “open banking platform” that I performed while writing this article returned 234 million+ hits.  Open Banking is defined by Investopedia.com as a system “allowing access and control of consumer banking and financial accounts through third-party applications”, such as mobile device apps for making cardless withdrawal transactions at an ATM.
There will probably be a place for ATM/Debit cards for a long time to come.  But I see the convergence of these three concepts as the future of ATM transactions.  I have begun work on a more detailed article on this topic and will share with all when it is ready.
Best regards to all,
David Tente
Feel free to reach ATMIA USA executive director David Tente by email at david.tente@atmia.com or telephone +1.407.833.7906.

Become a NextGen Champion today!

Our project has exceeded all expectations. It has proved to be an awesome, global future-proofing exercise.
Now, it’s time to become Next Gen Champions as we move forward powerfully as an industry to implement the global project. We will need to fund the upcoming PR campaign, the development of standards and the creation of an ATMIA self-certification tool, among other steps.
At this exciting time of reinvention and innovation in our global industry, we cordially invite you to pre-order your Next Gen ATM certification. ATMIA is offering the following two free benefits if you pre-order for 2020 certification.
  • A free copy of the Next Gen ATM business case matrix, valued at $250.00
  • Two free hours of Next Gen ATM consultancy with the technical editor of the project, Marcel Ficken, valued at $500.00
ATMIA has been a leader in the ATM industry for over 20 years and this is the greatest project our association has ever facilitated. Nearly 400 companies worldwide are now participating.  Learn more . . .

Featured Reports

ATMIA recently published premium reports on a wide-variety of topics from security to the future of the industry – to provide you with a competitive edge in growing your ATM business in the ever-changing ATM marketplace.
  1. Next Gen Deployer Guide
  2. Next Gen ATMs Business Case Toolkit
  3. US IAD Report
  4. Canada IAD Report
  5. National IAD Study Australia
  6. National IAD Study Germany
  7. National IAD Study UK
  8. White Paper on Dual Migration to Windows 10 and Next Gen ATM Architecture
  9. Offenses Involving ATMs: Insights into How Offenders See ATMs as Targets
  10. Research Report on the Independent ATM Sector in Africa

The Cash Repository

The Cash Repository is your source for a wide range of current data and information about the global role of cash in society, from a variety of sources.
Recent Articles & Resource


Coronavirus updates

Good progress is being made on the ATMIA Advocacy Plan for COVID-19 and Beyond.  Part of that plan is the ATMIA Cash Revival Plan
The new ATM Hygiene & Safety Committee has been very active and published its “ATM Hygiene Protocol & Best Practices” document last month.  A UV-C sub-committee was formed to look at technology for ATM and cash sanitizing.  In addition, an ATM Hygiene Showroom page has been set up for hygiene related products.
The Coronavirus webpage continues to serve as a repository for ATMIA press releases and statements relating to managing this crisis and advocating for cash as a consumer payment choice.  It also includes news feeds specifically relating to the pandemic and a mid-week report on state-by-state activity.. 

2021 Washington, DC Fly-in scheduled for March 23

Planning for our 2021 DC Fly-in is already well underway.  Wednesday, March 24, 2021 has been confirmed as our day on Capitol Hill.  Our strategy meeting will take place March 23rd at 5:00pm ET.
It is expected that our focus will still be on support for the Payment Choice Act bills in the Senate and House.  The bank account closure issue is still not resolved and may require continued attention.  Fallout from the pandemic could be a concern, as well.  And much depends on the results of the November elections.
We are looking for a Fly-In Sponsor! This is a great opportunity to host a very visible and important advocacy event – and give your organization some unique exposure for the next seven months.
For more information about sponsoring or participating in the Fly-In, contact David Tente.
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Get ready to start re-hiring!

We understand that Hiring Managers are looking for more than a simple job board, when it comes to finding and recruiting new ATM channel talent.  The ATM Industry Career Center is a robust recruiting resource that you will want to check out.
Employers can set up a free account on the ATM Industry Career Center website.  ATMIA membership is not required, but members do receive discounted rates.  Once your account is set up:
  • Post jobs online quickly and easily, including confidential postings
  • Manage applications
  • Search resumes
  • Set up and email resume alerts
Make your company stand out among other employers with a variety of branding opportunities.
  • Create and attach a 60-second video to your postings
  • Use an enhanced job posting that can include elements of your company profile
  • Create and post a company profile page
  • Be part of the banner ad rotation
  • Make your posting a Featured Job to gain more attention
Finally, be sure that the hiring managers and Human Resources staff within your organization are aware of this resource.  Many of them are not listed on your ATMIA membership and do not receive this newsletter or other communications.  Forward this link to the career website.
Contact ATMIA USA Executive Director, David Tente for more information.


Committee Updates

Check out what's happening with our committee groups:

Why you should be involved in at least one committee group

Access to ATMIA committee groups is one of the most beneficial perks of membership.  And you have your pick of regional groups, global groups - or both.  There are no limits on how many groups you may participate in.  The only restriction is that you can only join regional committees that are part of a region of which you are a member.
Two of the most popular U.S. regional groups are for ATM deployers – one for financial institutions and one for independents.  Our largest global groups are the Consortium for NextGen ATMs and a variety of different security related committees.
Obviously each group is a great vehicle for keeping up with happenings related to its area of expertise.  It is also a conduit for expressing your own views on critical  policies and developments.  And there is no better way to get to know your colleagues.
More information about committees is available on the ATMIA Committees home page.  Your can join a committee by signing into your ATMIA account and clicking on the 'My Committee' link.  Also feel free to reach out to David Tente regarding USA Regional groups and to Mike Lee regarding global groups.

Potential committee group to focus on recycling

A few of our vendor and financial institution members have expressed interest in forming a committee focused on cash recycling.  The deployment of recycling ATMs is common in some countries outside the U.S.  However, interest here in the States is just building.
There are many factors contributing to the increased interest.  Small merchants are looking for more convenient, less costly means of making cash deposits.  Replenishment costs are rising.  New services to attract new customers.  Increased interest in multi-denomination cash dispense.
Should such a group be created, it would probably be best structured as a discussion forum, which includes ATM deployers, equipment manufacturers, software vendors, and services providers.  The group could serve as a vehicle for discussing the value of these systems, promoting their benefits to the consumer, sharing deployment strategies, etc.
If you are interested, please contact David Tente.

ATMIA Facebook Page

Have you checked out ATMIA's Facebook page yet? Here are some of the benefits of joining our community on Facebook:
Keep abreast of ATM industry news and developments on:
  • Latest technology
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Upcoming ATM focused events
  • And more….
On our page, you can find all things ATM's and so much more. "Like" us on Facebook us today!

Upcoming committee meetings

U.S. Regional Board

The U.S. Regional Board meets quarterly to discuss important issues, committee activities, and the financial health of the chapter. The next  meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 12 at 11:00am EST and is open to all U.S. board-level members.   

Financial Institution ATM Deployer Forum

The FI ATM Deployer Forum group meets every-other-month (odd numbered months), on the second Friday and is limited to financial institution ATM deployers.  It meets next on Friday, November 13 at 11:00am EST.  Meeting invitations will be sent to all committee members. 
Questions and requests for committee meeting invitations may be directed to David Tente

Welcome our new members

New U.S. members since the last newsletter was published:  

Associate & Small Business level memberships

   Bancsource, Springfield, MO
   Cook Security Group, Portland, OR
   DNS, Ft Walton Beach, FL
   POS Supply Solutions, Middleton, MA
   RMC ATM Solutions, Mansquan, NJ
Did You Know?  You can upgrade your membership level at any time.  Move up to Board level for greater visibility and a stronger voice in the direction of the Region.  Interested in becoming a U.S. Regional Board Member?  A unique membership level for financial institutions?  Contact David Tente for more information on this and other membership options.
Don't Forget - if your membership is expiring soon, you can receive a 5% discount by renewing before the end of the month in which it expires.

Let us hear from you!

ATMIA strives to continually improve the benefits and offerings we provide our members and the ATM industry.  So every year we survey our members to find out what you think!.
To help us with our planning for 2021, please take a few minutes to tell us how we are doing and which issues you feel we should be working on in the 2021 and beyond.

Earn discounts on your membership and offer new members a 20% discount

ATMIA members can now offer friends and affiliates 20% off membership AND earn a discount on their own membership renewal.  For a limited time, earn up to $500 USD in discounts on your next renewal as part of ATMIA’s new Membership Referral Program. Each referral is worth $100 USD. 
“To make it as easy as possible for members to promote the referral program, ATMIA has put together a variety of resources and each member company has been assigned a unique referral codes that can be found under the ‘my account’ tab on the ATMIA site,” says Amber Howell, ATMIA Membership & Social Media Manager.  For mor details about how it works, click here.
Members can find their own personal link and email text/images to use under the ‘Member Referrals’ icon in their My ATMIA Account section of the website.
To learn more, contact Amber Howell.

Membership Benefit Reminder

There are so many benefits to ATMIA membership, it's easy to lose track of them all.  Watch the Newsletter each month for reminders about one of those membership benefits and tips about how to take advantage of it. 

Members Receive Event discount

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Upcoming webinars

November 19: Banking on a real-time balance system - sponsored by ACI Universal Payments.
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