Items You Might Not Know We Carry
Items You Might Not Know We Carry
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At Ingardia Bros., we proudly carry more than just produce and seafood, we offer a wide variety of foodservice items from bee pollen to saffron and everything in between. This week, we're giving you a look at a few items you might not know we carry. 
 Bee Pollen   
The Egyptians regarded bee pollen as the universal healer. It is packed with vitamins and amino acids. Bee pollen has also been shown to rev up metabolism and aid in muscle recovery. It's a burst of edible sunshine and a great addition to smoothies, acai bowls, desserts, and more.
Bee Pollen | 7.5oz jar
Yuzu Kosho  
Yuzu kosho is a pasty Japanese condiment made from fresh chiles (most often green or red Thai or bird's eye chiles) then fermented with salt along with zest and juice from yuzu, a tart and fragrant citrus fruit that grows in East Asia. The trifecta of chiles, citrus, and salt come together in a powerful and distinctive flavor that enlivens a dish.
Yuzu Kosho | 2.8oz package
Vadouvan South Indian Spice Mix
This unique blend of aromatic spices originated in French-conquered Southern India, It adds depth and flavors that are richer and more savory. This spice mix is commonly used to make French-style braised chicken, curried chicken, grilled shrimp, and fish.
Vadouvan South Indian Spice Mix | 16oz package
Truffle Peelings  
While very mild, these truffle peelings are perfect for when you're creating dishes with truffle oil or butter. Raw truffles are not always available, and are always high-priced, making truffle products like these great. While truffle oil and butter add flavor and aroma, the truffle shaving puts the finishing touches on the dish. These Black summer truffles are simply preserved in salt and water. 
Truffle Peelings | 7oz can
Saffron is one of the most precious spices in the world. The threadlike red stigmas—and the yellow hue they impart—are quite literally the stuff of legend. The spice originates from a flower called crocus sativus—commonly known as the "saffron crocus." Saffron is extremely subtle and fragrant. The slightly sweet, luxurious taste is enigmatic.
Saffron | 1oz tin
Black Truffle Salt 
La Truffiere's black truffle salt is an excellent way to impart the unique flavor of truffles to a dish. The earthy undertones of the truffles are brought to life with the zing of sea salt. Its flavors are best used as a finishing salt to impart a final touch of truffle flavor.
Black Truffle Salt | 3.53 oz jar
Pure Almond Extract 
As one of the most popular flavors in baking, almond extract is an essential ingredient for your busy kitchen. This Nielsen-Massey almond extract is a gourmet way to bring the memorable flavor of bitter almond to your baked goods, beverages, and culinary creations. Bitter almonds have been used as a key ingredient in Italian, Greek, and North African cuisine for centuries. Nielsen-Massey combines the pure, high-quality oil of bitter almonds with alcohol to create a powerful extract that makes it easy for you to add this flavor to your signature dishes and baked goods!
Pure Almond Extract | 18oz bottle
Pure Vanilla Bean Paste 
Add robust vanilla flavor and visual appeal to your culinary creations with this Nielsen-Massey pure vanilla paste. Under the warm rays of the tropical sun, expert farmers carefully hand-pollinate delicate white and yellow vanilla orchid flowers to produce long seed pods. From pollinating to harvesting to curing, it takes well over a year to transform the fragrant flowers of vanilla orchids into distinctive, long, dark brown vanilla beans. This time- and skill-intensive process - in addition to Nielsen-Massey's proprietary cold-extraction process - results in vanilla with an unparalleled flavor that cannot be matched by synthetic alternatives. 
Pure Vanilla Bean Paste | 32oz bottle
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Ingardia Bros. Produce, Inc. carries more than produce, seafood, and dry goods. When placing your next order, be sure to ask your sales representative about our other food service offerings. 
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