Celebrate milestones with your St. Luke's family.
Celebrate milestones with your St. Luke's family.
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Congratulations to St. Luke's staff member Chris Smith, and Jaclyne Buckley. They will be welcoming a baby boy in December.  
St. Luke's Celebrates a Winning Short Story!
St. Luker, Frank Masi, loves to write. He’s written a novel and several other works over the years. The Florida Writers Association holds an annual contest for writers over the age of 50 for different varieties of writing including poetry, novels, short stories, etc. Each year entrants write to a theme and sixty submissions are chosen for publication. The theme of the collection for this year was: Create an Illusion. Frank submitted a short story entitled “Gray Rider” about an old gray bicycle that takes its rider through the past history of a small town (Brattleboro, Vermont) and he discovers things he never knew before about his own family and town incidents. We are happy to share that Frank’s story has been selected to be published in the 2020 Florida Writers Association Collection, Volume 12. There were over 300 entries in the short story category. Frank considers writing one of his favorite hobbies and once took a writing class at St. Luke’s several years ago. He credits the class with instilling a deep love of writing in him. He even met his current editor at that writing class! Pre-order copies of Volume 12: Create an Illusion are available for purchase from The Florida Writers Association until September 1. Congratulations Frank! We can’t wait to read your winning short story!
Meet the Food Pick-up Team!

The daily Publix bakery pickup ministry started with an opportunity to look for a need. Karen Brown quickly seized the opportunity and found organizations in need of bakery items. She recruited St. Lukers to help. As additional pickup opportunities arose, she reached out and we now have volunteers from four area churches.
The ministry has always been a blessing for the organizations benefiting, but in today’s environment, it has become critical!
Special thanks to St. Lukers Pete and Anita Vrionides, Steve and Mary Holloway, Jeanne Ellis, Cynthia Ramirez, Kristy Cooper Lipinski, Fred Liddle, Will & Rosemary Gates, Kathleen Rieker, and Karen Brown.
Article submitted by Will Gates.
Car Donation
Imagine how hard it would be to navigate life without a car. You rely on buses and neighbors or walk to do your errands with children in tow. 
Transportation is a huge barrier to families trying to stabilize their lives through steady employment. We are grateful as another St. Luker donated their car to a Restoring Hope family this month!

The Gift of Running Water
Turn your kitchen faucet on. Feel its water touch your hands. Now imagine how difficult it would be if you were a single mom raising young children in a home full of love but without running water in your kitchen. St. Luke’s Restoring Hope Team met such a mom a few months ago. The team found a faucet and volunteer plumber. We witnessed this mom’s enormous sigh of relief and her smiles of thanks to have running water for her family. We celebrate St. Lukers for helping families in need. You are putting smiles on many faces in these uncertain times.
Jaden Moss Honored
Recent graduate Jaden Moss was honored by New Image Youth Center. He became a leader and what we call a “Junior Mentor” to his fellow brothers in the program. He also attained his first job at McDonalds and has been gainfully employed with them for over a year.
He recently just graduated high school and his plans are to attend college to major in Business.
Jaden is the son of St. Luker Bonita Thomas. Congratulations Jaden!
Delaney Ocock Selected for National Choir
Thousands audition to make their All-State Choirs. Those who make All-State can then audition for All-Nationals. Less than two dozen per voice part make it. And, she is one of them!
Delaney is the daughter of St. Lukers Trevor Ocock and Amy Fritz-Ocock. Congratulations Delaney! 
Brent Jordan Flies!
Brent just piloted his first cross country flight SOLO. He will continue his aviation education at Auburn University starting this fall. Brent is the son of Brent and Amy Jordan. Congratulations Brent!
Featured St. Luke's Staff Member
St. Luke's Associate Director of Worship and Arts, Tiffany Meadows, received "Staff Shout Outs" and is this month's Featured Staff Member.
Tiffany has been intricate in making worship come together every week through her organizational skills and patience. She has been going above and beyond these last months in every meeting and encounter. She is willing and ready and quickly able to provide the information and resources necessary. In addition, she has been open to and willing to try new things and products without hesitation and able to implement them successfully. Thanks to Tiffany for all of her hard work!
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