September Newsletter - Discovering MErcy
September Newsletter - Discovering MErcy
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September 2019 Newsletter

Insights into Our Mission of Helping Hurting Hearts

The Most Common Question and Challenge of Understanding Discovering MErcy

By Fern, Executive Director

I have worked in the medical field in the past. There are various types of folks when it comes to human trauma. Those who turn away and don’t want to look, those who are so terrified of human trauma that they are intrigued with it, and the very few who know how to sit in the midst of it and bring help and healing. 

I’ve seen it for more than 20 years now doing this type of ministry. I’m frequently asked "What IS Discovering MErcy?" My answer begins with, “we counsel adult survivors of severe childhood trauma…” Then the reactions start…if we are talking in person, they back up, pull away, and quickly try to find an exit out of the conversation politely, sometimes not so politely. Frankly, people don’t want to hear it. Via text message I confided to a friend that I typically scare people off when talking about work because people label our focus as “intense."

My friend replied, “…the Lord has gifted you with the ability to minister to people that the general public just do not know how to identify with or can even mentally digest.”

In mid-August I listened to a Naked Bible Podcast with Dr. Michael Heiser and Frank Viola. They discussed the road to Emmaus and the disciples not recognizing the risen Jesus at first. Mr. Viola asked Dr. Heiser, “What caused their eyes to open?”

He continued, “Jesus reaches for the bread! Where are they eyes looking? To the bread…to the hands, the wrists…to the WOUNDS! IF you want to see Jesus, IF you want to recognize Jesus, look for the wounds! IF you want to hear the words of Jesus, then look for the wounds.”

Whether you are in the body of Christ, or for the non-believer, you should know Discovering MErcy is positioned within the wounds of Christ: the very part that make some look or shun away.

We offer love to those dehumanized or who are looked on by society at large as messy, strange or confusing. For survivors whose hearts are dedicated to Jesus but whose minds are tormented, Discovering MErcy offers relief. It’s not marketing or fundraising that we do; it’s relief of the saints – Body-of-Christ style! 

When we protect and acknowledge the wounds of survivors, when we offer relief of the saints…I promise you THAT IS LOVE

Read more about the freedom survivors say Discovering MErcy has given them and how their lives have changed! 

Opening the Window of Emotional            Capacity in Our Everyday Lives

By Ashly Ash, Board Member

It’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon and time for Melissa to get off the bus. She is in second grade this year and growing up faster than I ever imagined she would! As I sit here feeling guilty about how the morning went, I hear the rolling stop of bus wheels and moments later the pitter-patter of small feet running up the front steps. Everything inside of me tenses. Sometimes, I just don’t know what to do with her!

I woke Melissa up for school and she hopped right out of bed with a smile and a yawn. She seemed excited to begin another day and we sailed right through the standard morning routine. Right as I opened the door for us to step outside to catch the bus she threw herself on the floor screaming and crying. “I don’t WANT to GO! NO! Mommy, NO!," 

Melissa was suddenly hysterical and curled into a ball holding her face and hiding her eyes. 

"Ugh," I had thought, "RIGHT NOW?" After I glanced at the clock I realized I would now be late for a meeting with the chief operating officer. Scheduled months ago, this meeting held high stakes for my team. Urgently, I squat down next to Melissa to be eye level hoping my skirt doesn’t split and my heels don’t twist.

“C’mon, Melissa, it’s ok! You like school! It will be over before you know it!”

After several minutes of this pleading, the only response I got was when Melissa rolled over onto her back and started kicking the floor, wailing even louder.

I was going to be late, my bonus was at stake (a bonus I had every intention of using for a family trip), and my very job could be on the line.

“Melissa, get UP NOW. You are acting like a baby. Get out the door.” I try directing her but still no response or obedience at all! The nerve of this child! Knowing full well that this is an important day for me!

“Whatever is bothering you we can talk about when you get home. You need to get up because Mommy has a very important meeting.”

Melissa suddenly changed from thrashing about to being very still. Her wailing transitioned to deep sobbing from the very depths of her being. Her cries at this point are so deep and desperate--and I can hear that--but this is NOT the time to deal with whatever child problems she thinks she has. By now I am truly fed up, if she doesn’t catch that bus I’m going to have to take her to school and will be even more late. 

Frustration simply overrules and I bend over, scoop her up like a surf board and carry her out the door and down to the bus stop. She kicks and cries harder but I set her down and force her to be quiet and then board the bus. I feel guilty about how I treated her but what else was I supposed to do? She wouldn’t stop and the consequences of her behavior would have more impact than having her feelings a little hurt. I’m sure by the end of the day she won’t even remember!

Go deeper into what the window of tolerance is and learn what you can do to stay living in your heart instead of a defense posture.

What We've Been Up To, By the Numbers:

Since August 31, 2019, Discovering MErcy has:
  • Counseled 99 clients
  • Provided 555 hours of counseling
  • Invested 458 hours in creating curriculum
  • Received 551 volunteer hours
  • Connected with 321 Facebook fans and 56 YouTube subscribers
  • Launched our new website,, which has received 8.9k page views to date, from visitors in the US, Canada, India, UK, Austrailia, South Africa, The Phillippines, Germany, Belgium and Nigeria.

    Check out Who We Are; What We Do, Getting StartedResources and How to Help. Don't miss our incredible Testimonies! Please check it out and share with family and friends! 

Help for the Hurting

98% of survivors that come to Discovering MErcy have exhausted their resources with churches, counseling, self-help, and rehabilitation. A lot of them are moms, raising families and struggling to stay present. Nearly all survivors are at the end of their financial resources.

By Ashly Ash, Board Member

“We needed to find a way to help severely abused survivors get the ministry they need without it causing them to go bankrupt,” says Fern, Executive Director at Discovering MErcy. “It is the heart of our non-profit to bring together the body of Christ with those who need His healing the most."

As a result of this desire we've launched our Fearless Love Scholarship Fund for our Adopt a Heart program. Our goal is to fill this fund with $7,000 each month to provide financial aid to survivors of trauma-based mind control, may of whom could not afford services if it weren't for the mercy hearts of our faithful donors.

The Fearless Love Scholarship funding helps trauma survivors have access to intensive counseling sessions. “Typically these precious survivors are tormented by the memories of trauma they endured but stay tormented by knowing there is help for them but they cannot afford the ongoing care needed to help them walk out of darkness and fear,” Fern explains. 

Healing is a long process and no one can do it alone. The cost to our organization for a survivor to come for five days of intensive ministry (with lodging) to our ministry home is $3,900. A survivor will need two or three of these intensive times a year to continue moving forward in their journey. Most comparable services for a week of care are $5,000 or higher.

With the costs in mind, applicants will be able to apply online for funding through the Fearless Love Scholarship Fund, which uses a third party to determine the amount of financial aid each applicant qualifies for according to financial information. This process will ensure the distribution of funds according to a predetermined system outside of our control and without us knowing intimate details about our clients financial information. “Otherwise,” Fern says, “ how do we tell one person there is help and another there is not?”

The fund is now open to receive donations, offering yearly, monthly, and one-time gift options for donors wanting to make a difference by those who have been most marginalized and forgotten. From $20 and more, we have numerous ways your generous gifts can impact the lives of others! Donate today!

We Urge Survivors:

…Please do not to give up, you will find peace as you continue this journey.
…Spend time with your support person who can be a support all of you.
…Try not to ignore your little ones (parts) and the survivor story they have to share. 
…Look at programming honestly for what it is--trauma-based mind control--and not sin. 

Cries for Discovering MErcy Help

“…I've had years of ministry, deliverance, generational bloodline ‘stuff’, deliverance ‘courts’, and much more in addition to a tremendous amount of work done on my own. Very little fruit. I need something different like Discovering MErcy and your approach."

“…I know I shouldn’t be abusive torward myself and others and I’m aware of what I am doing but I feel I have no control…I could really use help and guidance to make it stop.”

Adopt a Hurting Heart Today

Join Us for an Evening Reception
October 11 in Dallas

Meet Fern & Audrey and learn more about the behind the scenes work Discovering MErcy does and how you can get involved and support us! Join us Friday evening, 6 to 8 p.m. October 11. For details on the location, stay tuned to The Naked Bible Conference website. 

Curriculum Update: Foundational Training Course 55% Complete!

Early Reviews are In....

“…the curriculum so far is a deep well of knowledge and wisdom with pages of eye-catching infographics and vital information.”

“Here you will perceive the heart of Discovering MErcy—a safe and lovingly curated place to inform, foster hope, heal the broken.”

“I wanted to click on the graphics and dive right into the information!"
"This is exactly the kind of information that people need that they don't even know they need. No doubt, it will be powerful and very impactful when its finished in its entirety!"
In an effort to impact more survivors and get the message of love to them we are creating a foundational trauma course to equip clinicians, pastors, priests, lay people, and supporters. So far, Discovering MErcy has received more than 100 requests from psychologists, counselors, pastors, teachers, and support persons for training. But we can't do it alone.

Help us lay a foundation of valuable resources, understanding and tools to raise up the body of Christ to stand with adult survivors of childhood abuse and Trauma Based Mind Control. Let’s see these survivors walk free of the torment of trauma!

Our Curriculum Equation:

8 Modules Completed
5 Sections Per Module
Beta/Copyreaders in Place
+  Video Editor Recruited

Faithful Donors to Sponsor Worldwide Efforts

You can be the answer to freedom for many survivors by helping strengthen our future by supporting our End of Year Fundraising Campaign. We will launch this on Giving Tuesday on December 3, 2019 and our campaign will run through December 31st. You can contribute and share with others to stand with us and support the mission of helping hurting hearts! 

Did you know? Your business can donate to Discovering MErcy and your company logo advertised as one of our founding supporters on our Web site and on curriculum materials. This marketing expense allows for a tax-exempt donation AND the benefit of helping a hurting heart. Contact us for more info! 

Additionally, churches, faith groups, businesses or non-profits who support our curriculum will be credited as supporters in all curriculum outlets. Consider supporting our non-profit or curriculum development today. 

So You Want to Volunteer? 

Be Our
Information Technology Assistant

Do you work in IT and are looking for an opportunity to translate your keen technology skills to make a real difference? We are looking for an IT Assistant, specifically to help launch our online curriculum and to assist with other common, routine IT projects. Time commitment would be 5-10 hours a week or less. To inquire more, please connect with our Board Member Jeremy Fort for more details.

Be Our
Prayer Partner

We are specifically looking for a select small group who would dedicate themselves to be prayer partners for Discovering MErcy. Friends of Discovering MErcy will receive quick email updates from Fern and Audrey twice a month to pray for specifics of our organization. To sign up for our prayer team distribution list, contact Board Member Kara Fort.

Apply to Serve
as a Board Member

Are you someone who is emotionally healthy, spiritually mature with time and effort to serve as a hands-on working board member? If so, we want to hear from you! If you are interested in a board member application, contact Board Member Ashly Ash.

Got Airline Miles?

Survivor and Support Companion Need Transportation Assistance

Oftentimes survivors and support companions use what they have financially to go toward counseling, but lack travel funds.
If you have car rental miles or airfare miles you can donate to Discovering MErcy for use in November, would you please contact us? Thank you for helping share the burden!

September Prayer Requests

  • Wisdom and strength for us to manage and accomplish strategic goals for this year and beyond.
  • Financial support for Fearless Love Scholarship Fund for survivors on their journey out of fear and into love.
  • The ability to balance an influx of clients who need ministry time along with dedicated time to produce curriculum content.
  • Support for our curriculum project so we can teach and mentor others how to minister and care for survivors around the world.
  • Traveling mercies for all of those attending the Naked Bible Conference.

Final Thoughts

With our new curriculum, the Discovering ME Foundational Training Course on the horizon and the amount of hours we have invested without income, we are faced with the ever-growing need for funding to keep the doors at Discovering MErcy open to help survivors.

We need partners that are willing to stand with us, pray with us, and journey with us as we lead others to the light. If you haven't considered supporting Discovering MErcy, we hope you will join the team that helps provide freedom for those who need it most.

In His Service,
Fern & Audrey

P.S. For any questions about Discovering MErcy, please send us a note!
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