Expanding What's Possible
Expanding What's Possible
October 18th, 2021
New West Short
John Hancock's New Accumulator IUL 
Expanding What's Possible
The new repriced Accumulation IUL is a must-see product that delivers strong customer value compared to other life insurance products. That’s because it now offers even better cash value accumulation and retirement-income potential — leading the way in the highly competitive supplemental-income space. Beyond standing out in short-pay scenarios, the new Accumulation IUL also provides:
  • Improved income potential for clients ages 50+
  • New Barclays Global Multi Asset Indexed Accounts, providing diversification across asset classes and geographic regions and allocating among the components with managed volatility and daily risk control
  • New Cash Value Enhancement rider that allows higher early cash value potential — up to 90% of first year cash value

Get to know the new Accumulation IUL on November 3rd at 1 p.m. ET

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