3 Keys of Understanding Trauma in 2020
3 Keys of Understanding Trauma in 2020
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January 2020 Newsletter

Insights into Our Mission of Helping Hurting Hearts

Kicking Off 2020 with Grateful Hearts

Thank you for standing with survivors! We are so overwhelmed with your support to help us reach our goal! Discovering MErcy met our $10,000 match and in the last few hours of 2019, your donations totaled to..... $25,222.32! Wow!
Our focus this year is to keep developing curriculum to train others to help survivors of severe childhood trauma. Your donations will enable a ripple effect throughout our organization and our world of survivorship! Thank you for caring! ❤️ Read more below about our 2020 vision.

The Story of Hugh

Understanding the 3 keys of this parable and how it relates to our vision for 2020

By Fern and Audrey

(Fern) Years ago, I read John Bradshaw’s classic Bradshaw On: The Family.  While I know I enjoyed the book and learned a lot about myself, it was “The Story of Hugh” that always stuck with me. Through the years when I would downsize my library, I would pull this paperback book off the shelf. The cover was coming off and two pages always fell out when I opened it. You guessed it: They were the pages of “The Story of Hugh.” Each time, I would gently close the book, place it back on the bookshelf, and chose another book to retire. I had to hold onto Hugh!

As I think of 2020, and our vision for Discovering MErcy in this new decade, I remember once again “The Story of Hugh.” There is so much meaning in these few paragraphs; they really describe a key challenge we face here at Discovering MErcy. Before I go into that, let me share with you “A Parable: The Story of Hugh.”

A Parable: The Story of Hugh
Once upon a time a royal person was born. His name was Hugh. Although I’ll refer to Hugh as “he,” no one actually knew whether Hugh was male or female and it didn’t really matter. Hugh was unlike anyone who ever lived before or who would ever live again. Hugh was precious, unrepeatable, incomparable; a trillion-dollar diamond in the rough.  

For the first 15 months of life, Hugh only knew himself from the reflections he saw in the eyes of his caretakers. Hugh was terribly unfortunate. His caretakers, although not blind, had glasses over their eyes. Each set of glasses already had an image on it, so that each caretaker only saw Hugh according to the image on his glasses. Thus, even though Hugh’s caretakers were physically present, not one of them ever actually saw him. By the time Hugh was grown, he was a mosaic of other people’s images of him, none of which was the real Hugh. No one had ever really seen Hugh, so no one ever mirrored back to him what he really looked like. Consequently, Hugh thought he was this mosaic of other people’s images. He really did not know who he was.  

Sometimes in the dark of the night when he was all alone, Hugh knew that something of profound importance was missing. He experienced this as a gnawing sense of emptiness—a deep void. 

Hugh tried to fill the emptiness and void with many things: power, worldly fame, money, possessions, chemical highs, food, sex, excitement, entertainment, relationships, children, work—even exercise. But no matter what he did, the gnawing emptiness never went away. In the quiet of the night when all the distractions were gone, he heard a still, quiet voice that said: “Don’t forget; please don’t forget me!” But alas! Hugh did forget and went to his death never knowing who he was. 
3 Keys to Know for 2020
There are keys in this story that I’d like to point out as we think about our vision for this new year:

1. We NEED each other. God has designed us for relationship!  Attachment theory explores the importance of a caregiver’s connection (attachment) to the child.  Not only does a child NEED an empathetic, nurturing caregiver, a child needs an emotionally PRESENT caregiver. 
2. “Mirroring” is the way a child’s brain develops a sense of who he/she is. Dr. Dan Siegel, clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine, defines “the mind” broadly as our emotions, our memories, and the way we think. This is all mirrored to us early in life by our caregivers. We “pick up” from this mirror who we are, that is part of child development. Dr. Siegel explains that the mind of the parent has a big influence over the developing mind of the child.

Continue reading to discover the third key to 2020 and What to Do with Trauma and Loss

Speaking Truth to Lies

A recent podcast on The Remnant Radio featuring Dr. Michael Heiser of the Naked Bible Podcast brought the topic of demons and evil spirits in scripture and how Discovering MErcy appoaches spiritual warfare.
If you are curious about the theology behind our approach to intelligent evil, you may enjoy listening to the portion of the podcast that starts at 49:26.
Also, if you have read Dr. Heiser's Unseen Realm, which is recommended on our Reading List, you may be interested to know the book has been turned into a new Faithlife TV Christian documentary, hosted by Corben Bernsen.
Have you subscribed to the Discovering MErcy YouTube Channel
Also....drop us a line...what are topics of videos you'd like to see this year?
Charlene's Update

Discovering MErcy Help Thriving Clients like Charlene Change Her and Her Family's Life Forever

Charlene revealed an earlier testimony last year of how Discovering MErcy helped her out of a ritually abusive childhood and violent marriage into a new world of knowing how to identify triggers, living life from her heart and feeling God's love. We recently received an update from Charlene (in video above) and her children about the impact a helping hand made!
Read more testimonies of how Discovering MErcy has helped other trauma survivors like Charlene.

Thank You for Helping My Mom Build Her Identity!

"I am the daughter of two of your clients. I've wanted to reach out to you both for some time regarding my mom. For as long as I can remember I prayed that one day I would know the whole and vibrant mother I now know today. Those prayers were answered because of what our loving Father did through you.

And I want to give you both a teary-eyed, heartfelt thanks for all of the work and time that you put into helping my Mom build up her identity as a valuable, gifted, and lovable child of God. For the first time in her life, she believes in "who" God so lovingly made her be, and she accepts love from us like she never has.

She is a different person! Wow! This is a true miracle. With so much in my heart, thank you for being the vessels of His hope and love!"

   We'd love to hear from you about how Discovering MErcy has helped you or your family!

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eBay for Charity makes it easy to sell items on eBay and have a portion or all of a sale benefit  Discovering MErcy. Donations received through this wonderful program will help contibute to operating expenses for survivors to reclaim emotional freedom.
Start the year out with some house cleaning--clean out your garage and do some good!

Thank you for all your support,
Fern & Audrey 
P.S. For questions about Discovering MErcy, send us a note!
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