Parting words for summer
Parting words for summer
MAY 2021, ISSUE NO. 15
Miami Family,
Being a parent is about encouraging, accepting, and guiding your child in the hope that they will grow into a happy, healthy, and mature adult. This year at Miami has been a major step in that direction for your student, particularly with the unique year we've had. We'd like to offer you our sincere thanks for entrusting your student's education and their health and safety to our staff and faculty.
As hard as it may be to believe, your student's growth may prove to be more significant over the next three years than it was this year. Now that you have experienced part of that metamorphosis this year, the events that unfold will likely be easier to process, understand, and enjoy. We truly hope the information and support you have received through this newsletter and other Parent & Family Programs initiatives have assisted in this transition, for both you and your student.
We are still here to support you and your student as you move from this first year, all the way to graduation. Many significant challenges, opportunities, accomplishments, and milestones await your student at Miami. We wish you great joy in sharing in your student's continued growth and achievements, and we look forward to strengthening our partnership with them - and you.
Throughout your student's time at Miami, you will continue to receive our newsletter for all parents and families, eeweemakiki, and other messages sent to all parents and families of current students by Parent & Family Programs. Enjoy the summer.
Love & Honor,
Nate Flyzik, Graduate Assistant & Mark Pontious, Director
Parent & Family Programs
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