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Camp Nakanawa
Four Week Newsletter - Week 1
July 7, 2021
Is your daughter flying home from camp?  Please make sure that we have her travel information (whether flying or driving by filling out the Online Travel Form.   Click Here to see a list of campers flying home on Sunday, July 25th.  Camp Nakanawa will transport these girls to the airport and take them to their gates. If your daughter is flying home an her name is not on this list, please contact us by email at
Please let us kmow if your daughter will be shipping her luggage home.  Click Here to see a list of campers who are shipping their luggage home.
Reminder: Nakanawa has a
No-Package Policy.
 Please do not send your daughter ANY packages during her time at camp
All packages that arrive for campers will be held until the end of camp.  Please do not send gum or candy in letters to your camper(s). Each team has a Felt Letter Requirement which says that each camper must refrain from eating any outside food while at camp. If your daughter needs medication or eyeglasses, please contact Karen Parrish in the office at 931-277-3711 to make arrangements. We will share our extra pillows, riding helmets, bathing caps, sit-a-pons and more.  If they have left a favorite stuffed 
animal or craft at home, 
please do not send it.

Pick up day for camper who are leaving with their parent or guardian is Saturday, July 25th.  If you are not picking your daughter up and she is flying home from camp, she will leave early the next morning (Sunday - 7/26 in transportation provided by Nakanawa and chaperoned by Nakanawa counselors.
Junior Camp   2:00pm
Senior Camp   3:00pm

Greetings from Camp Nakanawa! Camp has been brimming with joy and laughter this week! We are overjoyed to welcome back campers to intermediate and senior camp this year. 
Monday, June 28
Monday was a spectacular opening day! Campers arrived with trunks, sit-upons, and shower caddies galore! Squeals and hugs were the norm as girls greeted each other. Cabin move-in looked a little different this year with a carpool line to unload luggage, as well as short and sweet goodbyes from parents dropping their campers off. After everyone was moved in, Camp met in the Kiosk for camp songs led by Tent Row and counselor introductions. Then the girls were able to get together with their cabins and plan out their class schedules. Everyone gathered in the Dining Hall for our first meal back together—macaroni and cheese. Evening Entertainment included the classic twelve days of camp skit that explains the rules of Egypt to the tune of the “Twelve Days of Christmas.” The night ended with Ann and Pepe leading Team Drawings for new campers.
Tuesday, June 29 
Tuesday began with excitement as campers dashed to sign up for classes. Some fan favorites included: War Canoe—over 50 girls signed up—, Softball, and Aerobics! Campers were able to attend one period of class before lunch. Campers and counselors alike were delighted for Rest Hour, a time for quiet and relaxation. This was followed by Free Swim and afternoon classes. Class highlights included singing new and old songs at Glee Club, practicing Nakanawa form swimming in Lake Aloaloa, and learning forehands at tennis. In their free time, the girls spent time with their new bunkies listening to music and settling into their cabins. The evening included  long, yet lively Team Elections! The Amazon and Valkyrie teams went to their respective Rocks and voted for Tent Row girls as leaders. Both teams met on the tennis courts after elections to announce their new captain, lieutenant, secretary, and cheerleaders. After a busy and fulfilling day at camp, the girls were ready to sleep come lights out.  
Wednesday, June 30
Classes continued Wednesday with campers trying new skills throughout camp. Nakanawa songs floated through the grounds from Glee Club on the Crow’s Nest. Canoeing reviewed safety protocols and practiced canoe tips, while campers began to shoot targets in Rifelry. Girls met with friends to enjoy their Apple Break, before returning to classes. It was the perfect afternoon to cool off in the lake during Free Swim before afternoon classes. Evening Entertainment was held in the Little Theater. Cabins paired up to perform funny skits and songs for the rest of camp. They wore silly costumes, sang new versions of songs, and celebrated being back at camp. Their laughter and cheers filled the night, and campers left for their bunks sleepy and satisfied after singing the Goodnight Song.

Thursday, July 1
Cooler weather blew in Thursday morning, and many campers sported their Nakanawa sweatshirts for Flag Raising and into breakfast. Another class day had girls practicing form and timing laps at Swimming. Fencing sparred in the Kiosk, and Table Tennis practiced in the Pavillion. Afternoon rain moved classes to indoor areas, but did not dampen spirits. Council Ring was held after dinner in the Wigwam, due to the rain. Senior Camp gathered together to celebrate a successful first week. We sang camp songs, shared a legend, played games, and recognized campers for their exemplary efforts in their classes for the week. The spirit of camp glowed brightly with the fire as camp participated in this long-standing tradition. Devotions were held in cabins before Taps sang everyone to sleep.

Friday, July 2
Friday was the first Free Day of the season. In the morning, campers chose activities to participate in with friends. Girls hiked around the lake to enjoy Camp’s bountiful nature. Intermediate War Canoe practiced, and the Docks were open for swimming. The Crows Nest was filled with campers making cards for family and friends. The Rifelry Hut opened for those wishing to practice their skills more. Dance was offered in the Kiosk, and Tent Row practiced their songs. The Games Field hosted its inaugural game of Bucket Ball, while other campers played Pickle Ball on the Tennis Courts. Finally, the Barn was open for girls to help groom the horses. After a fun filled morning, campers relaxed during Rest Hour in their cabins, before the afternoon activities. The Library opened up and counselors offered creative writing and poetry for enthusiastic campers. Senior War Canoes went out on the lake. Clogging was offered in the Kiosk, and a special project in Arts and Crafts. All of Camp came back together for a delicious cookout on the Crows Nest to share about their day with friends and watch the sun sink over Lake Aloaloa. Finally, Evening Entertainment was held in the Kiosk where counselors showed off their many talents in the Counselor Pageant, much to the glee of campers.
Saturday, July 3
Saturday was greeted with the first Water Meet of the summer between the Amazons and the Valkyries. Canoeing held races to the Floating Dock, as well as games to sink their competitors' boats. Apple Break was served on the beach as campers cheered on their teams. Diving showcased their skills and was followed by the Swim Meet that was dog-themed. Campers barked, swam after balls, relayed, did somersaults in the water, and more. The Dining Hall was decorated with balloons for an early Fourth of July lunch. Following lunch, Camp went on a scavenger hunt to find letters left for them by Tent Row 2020. Next, we cleaned up and ate an early dinner before loading the buses to head to the Cumberland County Playhouse to watch “Godspell.” Camp was excited to have the theater to ourselves to celebrate one of the summer’s best traditions. Buses returned to camp with sleepy campers, having enjoyed another day at Camp Nakanawa.

Sunday, July 4th

The schedule was full with camp traditions on Sunday. After breakfast, campers had their pictures taken on the Games Field, before returning to cabins to prepare for Church. Pepe Church was held on the Waterfront and Crows Nest with Junior Camp, overlooking the lake. After lunch, Senior Camp participated in the Fourth of July Marathon, with water balloon tosses, Uncle Sam, and Slip n’ Slide offered on land, while Water Polo and a Watermelon Relay were held in the water. Junior Camp was welcomed back over to Senior Side to celebrate the Circus. After a cookout dinner with hot dogs, junior campers were entertained with side shows: juggling, fortune-telling, face painting, pictures, etc. Next performances by senior campers were held in the Wigwam, as they dressed as monkeys, birds, majorettes and more. Ice cream was passed out and enjoyed before everyone headed to the Kiosk to cheer on Tent Row as they performed their dance for the first time. Senior Camp waved goodbye to Junior Camp before heading to the Waterfront for sparklers and roasted marshmallows. The day culminated with fireworks over the lake, as campers took pictures and enjoyed the holiday back at Camp.
Thank you for sharing your daughters with Camp Nakanawa this summer!
Your Intermediate and Senior Counselors

Camp Nakanawa
Ann and Pepe Perron, Directors
1084 Camp Nakanawa Road
Crossville, TN 38571

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