The biweekly newsletter from SA + OUE
The biweekly newsletter from SA + OUE

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Duke Student Affairs

February 10, 2021

Hi friends,
As we shared with you last week, we are at a critical point in our efforts to contain COVID transmission among Duke students both on and off campus in Durham. We are cautiously optimistic about this week's numbers heading in a better direction—thank you for your continued efforts!! The actions we all take each day have a direct impact on the health and safety of those around you. Thanks for all that you do and keep it up!!
Go Duke, 
Mary Pat McMahon, Vice Provost of Student Affairs 
Gary Bennett, Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education   
Flyer with images of Dr. Anthony Fauci and David M. Rubenstein on a blue background

COVID updates

fauci and rubenstein are back
TODAY at 4:30 p.m, Dr. Anthony Fauci and David Rubenstein '70 are back to talk about the US and global response to COVID-19. The talk is presented by the Duke Global Health Institute, and will be streamed live on YouTube (no registration required).

Tip of the week: wear a mask while riding in a car with others

If you must ride in a car with others, remember to always keep your mask on, and crack the windows for increased airflow. Vehicles are small, enclosed spaces, where riders talk, sing to the radio, sniffle, cough, etc. Those airborn germs have nowhere to go but to your fellow passengers. Keep each other safer by leaving your masks on! 

Resource Highlight: Headspace Pilot

Stress management? Better sleep? More mindfulness and meditation? YES, PLEASE. We have partnered with DSG to bring a pilot program for Headspace, the world-renowned app, to 1,000 undergraduates. More information from DSG to come, but go ahead to to claim your spot and get started.

February is Black History Month

The Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture invites you to celebrate Black History Month 2021—The Black Family: Representation, Identity and Diversity with us! Black History Month is an annual month-long celebration of Black history, culture, and the myriad contributions and accomplishments of people of African descent. The celebration lasts for the entirety of February. Find more information and view the 2021 event calendar

Engagement opportunities

Campus Recreation programs across the country are evaluating their role in the advancement of social justice. Join DukeRec and a panelist of professionals to discuss the work being done to build awareness and make positive change towards social and racial equity in campus recreation. Open to all, registration required.
Spring sign-ups for VLearn, the virtual experience offering students the opportunity to connect with professors outside of class, are open! Check out the directory of profs who have already committed to say yes to your invitation, or invite someone who may not know about VLearn yet! Sign up here.

ICYMI: policy comment period closes Friday

The Spring 2021 comment period for Duke's Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment and Related Misconduct is open through Friday. Don't forget to review the policies and share your feedback. Student feedback and input will be incorporated to the fullest extent possible.
Read more about our shared commitment to supporting Duke’s sexual misconduct prevention efforts as well as Duke’s policies, reporting resources, and community expectations.
welcome to dukegroups in white text on blue background with faint outline of duke chapel

DukeGroups Feedback

Have feedback on DukeGroups? Interested in improving the accessibility of club resources? 
DSG, in collaboration with UCAE, is working to make DukeGroups as helpful as possible and provide greater accessibility to club resources for students. Your input will help improve the features and effectiveness of DukeGroups and ease the process of finding club information.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email Brandon Qin, Lana Gesinsky, or Cody Perry.
photo of rohan and finn of DUU hanging out outside

Spotted: DUU exec chillin' outside

If you're walking around campus and see DUU exec members doing parkour, do not be alarmed. They're just keeping themselves entertained while staying safe and warm outside! Get more tips for how to stay warm in Rohan and Finn's IGTV video