We have night advising!
We have night advising!
Grand Valley State University
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Dear PCEC Student,
It's a full week! We hope your midterms are going well; you are almost there! 
Just a reminder that there are a plethora of resources available to you. You can connect with your professors and seek tutoring with GVSU, School of Computing, and School of Engineering. This is the time to meet with a success coach to discuss learning skills strategies, meet with your academic advisor, or discuss academic accommodations with the Disability Support Resources office. The University Counseling Center provides an array of services—all with the purpose of improving the mental health of the GVSU community through counseling, education, and consultation. Now is the time to utilize the resources available to them. 
Do you have questions or concerns about your classes? Please contact your advisor via e-mail.
Have a great week!
The PCEC Advising Team
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Tips to Release Stress

 Midterms and the weeks after midterms you can find yourself in a great deal of stress. You may find the following tips to help reduce and prevent the impact of stress. While you cannot control your emotions from happening or prevent stressors from occurring, you can build your resiliency and capacity to manage this through self-care and well-being tips. 

1. Exercise
2. Mindfulness meditation
3. Taking regular breaks 
4. Eating nutritious meals
5. Practicing gratitude
6. Connecting with positive social support
7. Making time for a hobby or meaningful project
8. Engaging in self-compassionate self-talk
9. Take a technology break
10. Practice relaxation techniques including box breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, and yoga.

You can see these tips and more on GVSU's Counseling Center website here. You can also set up an appointment with them here. Utilize the resources you receive being a student. 
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True Blue Friday

Fantasy Football Update

Sara Wheeler has taken the lead!!!. The top FIVE rankings after week 5 are the following:
1. Sara Wheeler 
2. Elizabeth Brand, PCEC Interim Director 
3. Shelby Harrison, PCEC Office Coordinator 
4. Rebecca Kolodge, PCEC Academic Advisor 
5. Hannah Beatus, PCEC Graduate Assistant

The top game for this week is between Elisa Guerrero and Ben Siebert. Thanks for joining in on the fun with us!
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Flu Clinic

Flu clinics on campus started again! They're conveniently located on the PEW, Allendale, Health, and Muskegon campuses. Stop by one of those locations to get your 2022 flu vaccination. For more details on the flu clinic please click here

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October 19 (6-8p): Repair Clinic
October 21: Midterm Grades Available to Students
October 24-26: Fall Break
October 29: Drop with a "W" Grade Deadline 
November 24-28: Thanksgiving Recess
December 10-11: Commencement 
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