Time-Lapse Beard Growth, Brady House Renovation, Fake FTC Refunds & More
Time-Lapse Beard Growth, Brady House Renovation, Fake FTC Refunds & More
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  November 2019  
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Time-Lapse Beard Growth
A man documents going from zero facial hair to a long, flowing beard as he and his wife spend 2.5 years traveling the globe.
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Simone Biles Makes History Yet Again
Gymnastics star Simone Biles makes her amazing floor routine feats, including the first landed triple double, look easy.
Providing Gratitude Through Grants

Here at 3 Rivers, we appreciate our way of life − small town living and close communities. This gratitude comes with the knowledge that we each have a part to play in keeping our kids and neighbors safe and in helping to keep our communities vibrant and thriving. This is a great time of year to thank all the people that make our life better, including:
  • Volunteer firefighters, emergency crews, and police/sheriff personnel
  • Teachers, coaches, and school administrators
  • Local businesses and chambers of commerce
  • Librarians, 4-H leaders, and other youth leaders
As part of our commitment to members and as a way to express our gratitude to all the people and organizations that are important the communities we serve, 3 Rivers has established a diverse grant program to assist our local non-profit organizations. Here are the available grant opportunities:

Community Enhancement Grants assist in promoting community well-being (example—new windows for the senior center).

Economic Development Training Grants help facilitate economic development by providing access to new ideas and creative approaches to promote community growth.

Field Trip Grants are available to every school district to provide support for any outside-the-classroom learning experience.

Youth Technology Grants enhance access to, or increase knowledge and use of, technology among the youth in our communities.

Foundation for Rural Service Grant Program provides support to a variety of local efforts to build and sustain a high quality of life in rural America.

You can find more information along with the grant applications under the "Community" link on 3rivers.net or email susanw@3rivers.coop.
Brady House Renovation  
Brady House Renovation
Check out photos, videos, and walk-throughs of HGTV's renovation of the beloved Brady home.
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Travel Smart  
Travel Smart
Before you embark on this season's travels, get expert advice for packing, planning, and more.
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Let the money nerds answer all your questions about credit cards, loans, and savings accounts.
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How to Brine a Turkey
This video shows, step-by-step, how to wet- or dry-brine a turkey. Either method will give you the juiciest possible bird.
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Sweet Potato Casserole
Learn tricks for making the yummiest version of this classic Thanksgiving treat. (Of course, it includes a stick of butter!)
Furry Fast Friends  
Furry Fast Friends
When two Washington Wizards players introduce their dogs to each other in the locker room, it's "like at first sight."
Look Who's in the Stroller  
Look Who's in the Stroller
Checking all the labels carefully, this tiny shopper and her furry "little one" fit right into the grocery store scene.
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10 Adorable DIY Furniture Projects
Looking to spruce up your space? Here are some cute ideas for easy storage and furniture projects you can make yourself.
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Secrets to Removing Carpet Stains
Carpet stains are the worst — whether caused by food, pets, or dirt. This video reveals tips for cleaning them right up.
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