Virtual Museum Tours, Charity Scams, DIY Dresser & Blanket, Plus Much More
Virtual Museum Tours, Charity Scams, DIY Dresser & Blanket, Plus Much More
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  November 2020  
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"Otterly" Amazing
Captured in Halibut Cove, Alaska, an otter being chased by an orca narrowly escapes by jumping onto a boat.
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Boy Wonder Pianist
This 9-year-old boy skipped ahead to the 8th grade, and is also years ahead of his time when it comes to piano playing.
How To Enhance Remote Work And Learning work from home

The dynamics in our homes have changed drastically this year. While some of our members have worked from home for years, others are seeing remote work as their "new normal."  And families are further impacted as schools struggle with reopening and remote learning.

Before the pandemic hit, a home's network and the broadband feeding it was primarily used for streaming movies, watching YouTube, playing games or simply checking email or social media. This new normal is now putting pressure on your home network as it adapts to adding working and learning from home. Parents may both need to be in a Zoom meeting for work, while at the same time their kids are also participating in classroom Zoom learning sessions.

Your network is now mission critical for daily survival. You need to work, your kids need an education and it's time you get the most out of your internet service.

The MVlink team is here to help guide you. Over the next few issues of The Fiber Download, we will cover three major, related topics including: Understanding your bandwidth, understanding MVlink's service and optimizing your home network.

Understanding Bandwidth
Think of drinking a milkshake through a straw. It's a bit more difficult than sipping your favorite soda. You either need to put a bit more effort into it, or you need a larger straw.

Internet data is very comparable. A simple email message requires very little bandwidth because there is very little data associated with it. But a 4k video stream requires considerable bandwidth because the data files are so large.

In reality, you could watch that video with any bandwidth capacity, even with an older dial-up service, but you would first have to download the entire file first and wait hours, even days for the full video to load. Our current lifestyles are always wanting instant gratification; we just want to click on the video and watch it now. This means your internet bandwidth needs to be wide enough (like the straw) to accommodate all that data (like the milkshake).

Measuring Bandwidth
Emails and basic web surfing consume a relatively small amount of bandwidth. Photos, music and gaming consume much more. However it's video that creates the greatest need for bandwidth.

Bandwidth is measured in megabits per second (Mbps) and equates to millions of bits per second. Netflix, for example, says the absolute minimum bandwidth it needs is 0.5 Mbps and users will experience a heavily buffered, low resolution video. In comparison, you will need 20 Mbps to stream a 4K movie with clear resolution and no buffering.

Fortunately most streaming services let you choose the quality of video (and therefore the bandwidth you use), or they can automatically stream your video based on your existing bandwidth.

In a household where maybe one movie and one You Tube video were running at the same time, your network may have been just fine. But in our new normal, when both parents are uploading and downloading work files while their kids are Zooming with their teachers or friends, your network is under pressure to perform.
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House Beautiful  
House Beautiful
Want to make your house more beautiful? Check out design school articles, videos of home tours, and more.
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This site is the definition of helpful. It includes a word of the day, new and trending words, and an emoji dictionary.
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From the comfort of your couch, enjoy virtual tours of a variety of exhibits at the National Museum of Natural History.
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Joyful Gerenuk  
Joyful Gerenuk
This orphaned gerenuk (also known as a giraffe gazelle) was rehabilitated and successfully returned to the wild.
Exercise Benefits Your Brain  
Exercise Benefits Your Brain
A neuroscientist explains why even a moderate amount of exercise can improve your focus and your mood.
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Ombré Painting Technique
Have an old dresser? Take it from drab to fab with this multi-shade ombré look that uses white paint plus one color.
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Faux Fur Throw Blanket
Go wild with your décor and add cozy warmth with this faux fur throw blanket that requires only basic sewing skills.
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