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July Mama of the Month
Hi fellow mamas!

I'm Adriana Ames, wife to Chris and mom to 2 year old Georgia and it's an honor to be chosen as Mama of the Month for July! I always got picked last for sports teams so I feel like I've come a long way. You may know me from Stroller Strides or Barre and hopefully from what will be many more Moms' Night Out events.

If you attended 90s theme Stroller Barre you might also know me as DramaDrana but if you had actually known me during that decade of my life you probably would have described me as "that quiet artsy girl". I was born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles which is why if you speak to me in military language you might notice me nervously nod and babble because that's how foreign this life still feels to me. So many acronyms.

After high school I didn't stray too far - I graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in Visual Arts with an emphasis in drawing and painting, moved back to LA, briefly worked in display/merchandising and eventually went back to school to study interior design.

While in graduate school in 2010 a friend of mine invited me out to a bar and I reluctantly agreed. As fate would have it that's where I met my husband, Chris. Within the first five minutes of speaking he told me he was leaving in a couple months to join the Navy to become a helicopter pilot. Cool cool cool, I thought, I'll never see you again. But we were both in between jobs with a lot of time on our hands and dating apps weren't a thing yet so we decided to keep hanging out IRL despite the short timeline. Fast forward through two years of long distanced dating and we found ourselves finally moving to San Diego to start a real life together. Another three years after that and we were married with our first child - our dog Olive. While in San Diego I began working as a designer and social media specialist for the furniture company West Elm, so if you follow me on Instagram this will probably make a lot of sense as it's pretty much my only outlet these days for all my life-long creative urges.

From San Diego we moved to Atlanta, GA where Chris taught ROTC and I continued working in social media. After a couple years we decided we were finally ready to be adults and give parenting a shot. Georgia was born in 2019 and has truly been the brightest light we could have ever hoped for. Six months later we moved to Norfolk but we took a little piece of Georgia with us (insert winky face). I continued working part time up until the pandemic but I did recently rediscover my passion for baking so if I haven't sold you on being friends with me yet just tell me what your favorite dessert is.

As we all know, Navy life is challenging. When we first got the news we would be relocating to Norfolk I cried. I couldn't believe we were yet again moving somewhere I had no desire to go, and where I had no family or friends. Now that we are here, I can't even imagine leaving! It has been the nicest surprise living here and FIT4MOM has been a huge part of that. After reconnecting with another military mama from our San Diego days (hi Zoë!) she told me about this group and I jumped at the chance to join. If you know me at all or have seen my facial expressions in class you know I hate working out. So really, the exercise is just a nice bonus because what I've gotten from this group is so much more than just that. I have never met so many nice, down to earth women and mamas. The friendships, comrarderie, and SANITY that it has brought to my life as the mom of a toddler is invaluable. I'm naturally a bit of a homebody and would have no social life if it wasn't for you ladies, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting me and Georgia out of the house and saving me on therapy bills!

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