Read the latest industry happenings and company news.
Read the latest industry happenings and company news.
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Summer 2020
Anesthesia Associates has provided services in Southeast Texas since 1952 and has long been recognized for the quality of care provided. The organization's physicians and nurses offer state-of-the-art anesthesia services, including cardiac, critical care, general, neurosurgical, obstetrical, pediatric and perioperative patient management.
“Anesthesia Associates made a wise choice with Frost-Arnett for debt recovery services. In my experience, they are always diligent in delivering their services as promised, are easy to communicate with, always friendly over the phone," said Rhonda Rubel, Administrator, Anesthesia Associates. "Jon Harlan and his team promptly handle any questions or concerns that the staff or I may have about an account.”
Anesthesia Associates currently has 25 anesthesiologists,14 CRNAs, and requires all anesthesiologists to obtain Board Certification in Anesthesiology (ABA) and all of its CRNA's to be licensed by the Council on Certification of Nurse Anesthetists (CCNA). The company currently provides services at eight hospitals and surgery centers in the Beaumont, Texas area. Frost-Arnett is proud to have worked with Anesthesia Associates since 2014.
"It is a great honor to be associated with Anesthesia Associates of Texas, who has a rich history of providing services to the Healthcare community in the Beaumont, Texas area," said Jon Harlan, VP of Sales at Frost-Arnett. "Our business relationship continues to grow as a result of the excellent communication, leadership, and service we have developed jointly with Rhonda Rubel and her Team." 
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Frost-Arnett University 
By: Paula Murray, Chief Human Resources Officer, Frost-Arnett

In June 2020, Frost-Arnett began our fourth company-wide leadership training program, Frost-Arnett University (FAU), focused on equipping leaders with the skills needed to lead the company.  This initiative was the first entirely virtual launch of this program and included nine current supervisors from all three Frost-Arnett locations, including Nashville, TN, Houston, TX, and Campbellsville, KY. 
This program aims to prepare and empower our leaders with the knowledge to become more effective in managing and leading others at all levels in the organization. This class of leaders met weekly and focused on the Growth-Mindset and key Leadership Skills covering Behaviors, Abilities and Attitudes, Human Resource Policies and Practices, and Operational Job Knowledge and Skills.
Frost-Arnett is deeply committed to growing our leaders and doing so in a very intentional and strategic manner. This class will complete their 13-week FAU Training Program at the end of September 2020, and we couldn't be more pleased with the deep commitment these leaders have displayed during this time.

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Lessons Learned from COVID-19 
By: Sydney Heacox, Compliance and Risk Manager, Frost-Arnett

While there does not appear to be an end in sight for the pandemic, six months into it, we have learned an abundance of lessons that will help us in the post-pandemic world. The first few weeks of the COVID-19 felt like a freefall. No one knew what was happening, politicians and regulators were responding with emergency orders, companies that had always been in-office environments had to push their workforce remote in a very short period, and employees had to adjust to working from home while balancing other issues, such as child care. While the pandemic felt futile back in March, once we hit our cadence and could reflect on what we accomplished and what lied ahead, Frost-Arnett realized the opportunity this situation created. 

First, COVID-19 tested our internal policies and infrastructure in an unanticipated and inimitable way. Frost-Arnett has invested substantial resources into data security and our compliance management system. Being able to swiftly move an entire workforce remotely, while maintaining the same high levels of data security and without disruption to our workflow were the dividends on years of investment in our workforce, data security, and compliance management system. 

After we made it through the initial phase of moving a workforce remotely, the next task was ensuring compliance with the barrage of emergency regulations while also developing our policies for communicating with consumers who may be impacted by COVD-19. The success of our ability to interpret and apply emergency regulations demonstrates the strength of our compliance management system and the adaptability of our operations.

Looking forward, COVID-19 provided Frost-Arnett with the opportunity to make substantive, long-term improvements to our operations. Like many, if not most, businesses who found themselves with a remote workforce, we have seen measured improvements in employee satisfaction and performance. Employees have enjoyed working from home, while our clients have reaped the benefits of improved productivity.

One of the largest hurdles in making remote work a permanent option for our employees is state licensing requirements and corresponding collection regulations. While all states that regulate agencies have enacted emergency guidance to temporarily allow a remote workforce, once we are on the other side of the pandemic, those measures will be lifted. When this occurs, collections agencies might be in a lurch. Not only may this result in attrition for those employees unwilling or unable to return to the office, but this will also ultimately make us less competitive in the job market. Other businesses not subject to these sorts of requirements will be able to attract employees who wish to remain remote.

Additionally, offering a remote workforce will broaden the application pool and allow us to recruit the best employees. Fortunately, state regulators seem willing to accommodate and work with agencies to develop a remote option. No one expects a permanent remote workforce, but offering this option to employees who have demonstrated the ability to perform effectively and follow Frost-Arnett's robust security standards will allow us to attract and retain the best employees, enabling us to serve our clients better.   
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Survey Says: ARM Industry Returns $90.1 Billion to the Economy
ACA International
ACA International’s 2020 State of the Industry Report in partnership with Kaulkin Ginsberg Company provides an overview of important trends related to how the industry benefits consumers, creditors and the overall economy.

ACA International’s members and the accounts receivable management industry serve an important role between creditors and consumers, as shown in recent data on collections and account resolutions totaling billions of dollars and significant household savings.

In fact, based on data from 2018, the most up to date publicly available information, the total net debt returned to creditors amounted to nearly $90.1 billion, according to a 2020 State of the Industry Report created as part of a partnership between ACA and the Kaulkin Ginsberg Company.

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Rusty Duke Award
Award Recipient:
Amy Higgins
Supervisor, Collection Department at Frost-Arnett

Amy has been with Frost-Arnett since February 2, 2015. She began as a Third-Party Collector and advanced to Supervisor in the Collection Department in February of 2020. Amy has also been responsible for the Campbellsville, KY training classes for New Hires.
Praise from Amy's peers:
"Amy has been instrumental in developing the 'Train Lane' project. Only the concept and goal were outlined in the instructions, and she ran with it. This program has now proven to be a great success." 
"I am grateful that Amy was part of my journey when I came to Frost-Arnett, and I believe she is the perfect representation of this award." 

20+ YEAR
Charles Martin, Jr. (59 years), Daryl Hirt (27 years), Mary Freeman (24 years), Pam Ball (29 years), Debbie Jones (22 years), Cindy Duran (21 years)

Constance Richardson

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