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Closure of All Union Pacific RR Terminals Due to Weather

Dear Valued Customer,

Please be advised effective 0800 local time, all UPRR terminals will be closed for ingate of loads/empties for at least 72 hours.  During this time, you will be allowed to outgate loads as needed at each terminal. 

Any questions, please reach out to your customer service team for assistance, CHICS@xpo.com.  Thank you.

Extreme winter weather continues to impact operations through much of the Union Pacific network, including the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest and the Southern Plains.

To keep our terminals fluid, all ingates at Union Pacific terminals will close effective tomorrow, February 16, 2021 at 08:00 AM in the terminal's respective time zone.  We anticipate the closures to last approximately 72 hours.  Exceptions to the ingate closures include:

• All International shipments that currently originate or terminate at LA/Long Beach on-dock terminals only will continue to be accepted, and will operate on extra schedules as resources allow (ingates to ICTF will also be closed)
• Westbound domestic interline shipments sponsored by NS, CSX, CPRS or CN will be accepted at all interchange points
• All shipments to and from Seattle and Tacoma will be closed for approximately 48 hours; however, international shipments to and from Tacoma on-dock will continue to be accepted.

Please note that all terminals will continue to be open for outgates, and we highly urge you to assist the network recovery process by continuing to pull notified units.  

We have activated our winter weather action plans and remain focused on restoring service safely and timely. We will notify you as soon as we plan to reopen gates to all traffic.

Thank you
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