Dear Commodore Options Families,

Welcome to Fall everyone! This is my favorite season...the changing weather, crisp air, back to school events, harvest time, football, and the delicious scent of pumpkin spice! September flew by, but we have had a fun and engaging month at COS! Our classrooms are active, our hallways are joyful, and our playground is being used by K-12 students! The "new" climbing wall is a hit! Our Gaga ball court is also on it's way!
All of our K-12 programs (EHHS, Mosaic, and Odyssey) have been re-engaging families, welcoming volunteers into our building, and creating opportunities for students to make positive and healthy connections. Building community requires intentional effort and a commitment to one another. Thank you to all of our staff, students, and families for stepping up!
We have positive posters throughout our building this year with simple messages about growth mindset, character traits, and some inspirational that all students see is about TEAMWORK...and reminds people that Together Everyone Achieves More. It seems simple and sometimes silly...but it is the simple acts of kindness that truly make a difference. I look forward to more student and community celebrations this year where we highlight individual and team efforts. 
Next month I will share some more curriculum highlights, our academic intervention support plans, the COS School Improvement Plan (SIP), and more student celebrations. 
As always, thank you for making COS K-12 an inclusive community dedicated to learning and growing together. 
Tricia Corsetti, 


Link to the BISD Family Handbook:
Please support our PTOs (Odyssey, EHHS, and Mosaic) with time, energy, and donations. EHHS is doing a fundraising appeal for a water bottle filler/drinking fountain for the 7-12 hallway!

***Free and Reduced Lunch Application:


We continue to focus on the power of kindness at COS, and I am thrilled that our district is also making kindness a theme this year. BISD is committed to the community effort of teaching kindness, practicing kindness, and celebrating the daily interactions with one another and how we can lift one another up through the simple belief that kindness matters. We are inspired by the words of Houston Kraft and reminded how each one of us holds the power to impact someone's day, moment, or life. Our SEL focus this year will be using lessons from Character Strong K-12 and Second Step K-2 (anti-bullying and safety). Check out Houston's book, Deep Kindness. 

Team Commodore in action!

Odyssey 1/2 students working on team building strategies and supporting one another in Michele's PE class last week! Love seeing the team huddle at work!

Check out what our COS Music teacher has been up to...

Susan Tolley loves bringing fun songs and activities to our music program. The online Quaver curriculum is engaging, funny, and a wonderful way to introduce students to music theory...and of course the seasons bring some fun songs. All of our students love Pumpkin Bones...check it out. 

What does community engagement look like? 

Odyssey has been dedicated to community and team building this month...our K-8 Assembly with songs, a successful family retreat at Camp Parsons, and our Odyssey 7/8 team is at outdoor ed @ Camp Seymour team building. Wow...excellent work and joyful celebrations. 

Friendly reminders for

COS K-12:

Peanut and Nut Free Lunch Tables:
We have an increase in peanut/nut allergies this year. We have 3 tables at lunch dedicated for allergy free options. Please be mindful when packing student snacks and classroom treats. Thank you. 
Campus Safety Updates:
We continue to enhance and improve our campus security and safety measures. Commodore is a unique building with multiple entrance/exits. This year, we have new locks/keys to all entrances, new interior cameras in the hallways, enhanced cameras outside to monitor parking lots, and soon to be finalized, electric doors with automated keyless locks. We will share an additional campus monitor with BHS to assist with parking lots and external areas.  Just buzz at the main office door for entry after 7:50 am.  There has been a technical delay, so more details coming once staff have their new key cards. 
Drop off/Pick Up and Bus protocols:
Parent parking options: if space available, park out front when volunteering. The Pit parking lot is for BHS student parking and quick drop off/pick up. Parking is always an issue, but we do our best!
Please use the front parking lot for Kindergarten drop off/pick up. Of course siblings can join too. Please remember to pull forward along the curb for safe and efficient drop off and pick up. Thank you all for making drop off/pick up safe and smooth so far...I appreciate all of your support and awareness. Our bus buddies have been helping out our younger students too!
Wish List Donations:
1. Keurig coffee pods! We seem to fly through our K-cups in the staff room. If any of you want to donate some pods...I know the staff and volunteers will appreciate it! Thanks!
2. Green Thumbs: volunteers to help beautify and weed Mosaic garden area, courtyards, and other walkways. 


Please read the latest BISD newsletter for more detailed information about the district, transportation, food services, and the updated  BISD FAMILY HANDBOOK


October Dates
10/8 BHS Homecoming Dance 7-10:00 pm
10/11 EHHS joins BHS for a HIB & Sexual Harassment Presentation and Panel
10/12 Mosaic PTO meeting
10/15 PSAT for 11th graders
10/19 Odyssey Book Fair @ Eagle Harbor Books 4:00-6:00 pm 
10/19 National Day of Unity wear orange!
10/20 EHHS/BHS Open House Night (More details to come) PTO meeting before the event.
10/20 OPTO meeting
10/27-28 NO SCHOOL K-6 Conferences
10/31 Halloween!
11/2 Picture Retakes K-12
BISD Board Meetings:
10/13 and 10/27 at 5:45

Daily Schedules:
Odyssey K-6 7:50-2:20 and early release Mondays 7:50-12:50
Odyssey 7/8th and EHHS 9-12  8:45-3:15 and early release Mondays 8:45-1:45
EHHS Homework Club and BISD STRIVE:
Mondays 1:50-3:00 in the Flex room 
Mosaic Enrichment Classes W/TH with lumch 11:00-2:05 starting 9/14
More detailed schedules will be shared by programs and classroom teachers. 


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