Tips & Leads from CES
Tips & Leads from CES

Here are a few quick resources to support your entry-level job search. Have questions, or want to chat? Schedule an appointment with a CES career advisor via We're here for you!

Who's hiring? 

Logger alums have been reaching out, and we've been noticing some interesting entry-level roles posted in Handshake...
Want to work in a Logger-owned, family-run, small-but-growing local business? Looking to establish a career in the building industry as an account manager? Open the door to this Inside Sales & Account Management – Leadership Development Program with Encore Cabinets.
Are you a talented, personable, and compassionate Biologist with strong technical knowledge and communication skills in regulatory, restoration, growth management and Salmon recovery? The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is angling for an Area Habitat Biologist in Port Orchard.
Are you passionate about environmentally sustainable technologies and products? Do you enjoy learning and applying complex and technical concepts? This remote Customer Success Manager role with Waveform Lighting, LLC might brighten your day.
Creative? Detail-oriented yet speedy? Vocal and passionate about your opinions and about honing your craft? More importantly, are you able to laugh at dad jokes, and make some of your own? (Srsly.) Take some fatherly advice and apply for this Remote Design Internship
Do you have a degree in the biological sciences and at least one-year of experience in basic laboratory research skills outside of coursework? Are you brainy? (Groan.) Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is seeking a meticulous, fearless, self-driven, enthusiastic, extremely well-organized scientist who is excited to contribute to world-class science as a Research Technician I, Brain Metastasis.
Are you a passionate mobile software engineer? Want to help inspire creativity and bring joy to mobile phone users? We challenge you to a dance off! Actually, we challenge you to apply for these TikTok Software Engineer roles for Android and iOS
Do you have a degree in social sciences or computer science, and a knack for data analysis? Analyze this: The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (an independent research center at the University of Washington) has an opportunity on their Data Intake Team for the COVID Research Project.
Words of Wisdom...
"When I was first applying for positions,
I’d read a job
description and I would say,
"I know I can do this job but there's two bullet points here that ask for very specific skills and I don't have that experience, so I can't apply."
 As a recruiter, I learned... "Yes, but you've done those exact same skills in six other places and you're way overqualified for this job.
Just because you can't do this one bullet point doesn't mean you can't learn it."
I worried so much about specifically meeting every single requirement that I never gave companies the opportunity to say, "That's fine. You can do it anyway... we'll teach you!"
~Anna Dunlap '16
Director of International Recruitment and Development | Teach Thailand Corps