Pew FTLC: Late April 2022
Pew FTLC: Late April 2022
Grand Valley State University
Pew Faculty Teaching & Learning Center
April 27, 2022

Director's Note

Preparing several bullet-point-based reports recently reminded me of my long-standing desire to author a novel using only bullet points. This summer, however, I will likely stick to my Bullet Journaling practice and some good, solid Pew FTLC planning. It doesn’t hurt to dream. As we bid adieu to this semester, let me offer a rather eclectic collection of bullet points for your consideration. As you can see, I will need to find a good editor before pursuing my next big writing project. 

Bullet Points & Quick Takes.

  • Student re-engagement. Following on the Chronicle pieces I shared a few weeks ago about patterns of student and faculty disengagement and fatigue, here is a lovely article that shares suggestions from students. The themes of voice, flexibility, care, interactivity, and relevance resonate strongly with me as key elements of effective teaching. 
  • Stress and stopping out. In scanning the recently released Gallup-Lumina State of Higher Education 2022 Report, I was struck by the survey finding that 1/3 of bachelor’s degree students reported considering stopping out last year. This finding mirrors what students reported in 2020. And 76% of those students cited emotional stress as a reason, above the pandemic, cost of attendance and coursework difficulty. The emotional, physical, and cognitive impacts of stress will continue to be an issue going forward; we in the Pew FTLC will continue to raise the alarm and offer adaptive strategies.
  • Fulbright U.S. Scholar program. The new application cycle is now open. GVSU has an outstanding record of engagement in this program and Brenda Tooley in the Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence is ready to support you at any stage of the process. I encourage you to check out this opportunity. See also: CSCE Faculty Fellowships site.
  • Faculty perspectives. Several of my educational development colleagues are engaged in a research study regarding faculty motivation in the times that we are in and asked if GVSU faculty could contribute. Please consider completing this short anonymous survey seeking insight into the work of faculty in higher education. The survey results will be helpful to faculty and faculty developers in pinpointing specific opportunities and needs for faculty.  

Looking Ahead & Taking Good Care. 

  • Teaching Excellence. In case you missed it, the Pew FTLC Inclusive Excellence Teaching Institute is now full, but we do have another wonderful learning opportunity that also begins in May: the ACUE Inclusive Teaching for Equitable Learning course. I am finalizing the roster this week, so I encourage to submit your registration soon. 
  • Fall Conference. The 28th Annual Fall Conference on Teaching and Learning will be held on Wednesday, Aug 24. Sessions will address strengthening our approaches to being a “student-ready institution” with speakers to be announced in the near future. 
  • Spring/Summer Programs. As we did last summer, we will be sprinkling in a few virtual learning opportunities to supplement the fabulous lineup of spring/summer Faculty Learning Communities. We will be debuting a new “Pedagogy in Practice” series with topical conversations led by GVSU faculty. These sessions will be a chance to connect informally with other faculty and will take the form of monthly in-person happy hours as well as virtual gatherings. Summer sessions topics will include, “What does it really mean to be a student-ready institution?” and “Feedback is the mouthpiece for the ideologies in our pedagogy.” Whether you are teaching this spring/summer or are engaged in research abroad, you are most welcome to join. We will share invitations soon. 
  • Reflection and rest. I do hope that you take some moments to mark time, noting the transitions inherent in the academic year as well as all that has been gained and lost as we have been teaching, learning, and living during a global pandemic. The ways in which we each approach resting and rejuvenating ourselves before taking on the next challenge do in fact differ, but rest assured that it is all good. Take what you need and know that we are here to support you when the time comes.  

Christine Rener

Spring/Summer 2022 FLCs now accepting members

Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) bring faculty together to explore a topic of mutual interest and encourage the application of knowledge gained. Past participants consistently report this experience to be reenergizing, restorative, and supportive. Take a look at the Spring/Summer FLCs that are currently open and accepting new members.
  • Becoming a White Antiracist EducatorI'm White, and I mean well, but are there things I could do in order to teach in a more racially just manner?
  • Emotions: Learning the Language that Shapes Our ExperienceHow might we learn more about our emotions so that we are able to better navigate them within ourselves and in our relationships to others?
  • The Great UpheavalSome voices in academia say a tsunami is coming for higher education–should faculty take heed and prepare for it?
  • UngradingMight there be more constructive and equitable ways in which to give students feedback than assigning letter grades?
Learn more and apply by visiting our Current Faculty Learning Communities webpage. Do you have a topic that you're passionate about or that you want to explore further? Consider leading an FLC! Propose an FLC for Spring/Summer or even Fall by submitting a letter of intent online.

Few Spots Remain
Personnel Portfolio Workshop
May 2—June 3, 2022

There are a few spots remaining in our Spring/Summer Personnel Portfolio Workshop which begins meeting next week! This workshop is designed to support faculty members preparing for any personnel review in 2022-2023; pre-tenure review, tenure, or promotion. Working with an assigned faculty member and a small group of peers, participants will compose their Personal/Reflective Statement and, as time permits, prepare other supporting materials for their portfolio in accordance with their college and unit personnel policies.
This multi-week writing-intensive workshop incorporates virtual large group meetings, virtual or in-person one-on-one meetings with your assigned mentor in which you will receive individualized feedback, virtual or in-person small group meetings in which you will give and receive peer feedback, two optional in-person writing days per week and self-study.
This is a four-week workshop that starts on May 2, 2022 and wraps up on June 3, 2022. Registrants are expected to attend all sessions. Limited to 20 faculty. Learn more and register in Sprout.
REGISTER for the Spring 2022 Personnel Portfolio Workshop

Interested in exploring inclusive pedagogies but are unable to attend the Inclusive Excellence Teaching Institute (IETI)? Consider registering for the ACUE Inclusive Teaching for Equitable Learning Micro Course!

In partnership with the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE), faculty can participate in this micro-course focused on the learning and implementing of research-based teaching practices, each shown to improve student success. This course will be professionally facilitated and delivered online with a cohort of faculty members, with whom you will share insights and ideas.  Topics covered in the Inclusive Teaching for Equitable Learning Micro Course include:
  • Managing the Impact of Biases
  • Reducing Microaggressions in Learning Environments
  • Addressing Imposter Phenomenon and Stereotype Threat
  • Creating Inclusive Learning Environments
  • Designing Equity-Cetnered Courses
This course begins on May 16, 2022.  Learn more and register by visiting our ACUE Mini Courses webpage.
Fall 2022 New Faculty OrientationAugust 10, 11, & 12, 2022
28th Annual Fall Conference on Teaching and LearningAugust 24, 2022
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