Whites Fine Art Gallery & online @ ISSUU.com, ALL ENTRIES ACCEPTED
Whites Fine Art Gallery & online @ ISSUU.com,  ALL ENTRIES ACCEPTED
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Call For Entries Artist’s Choice Exhibition
September 30 – October 29, 2022  
This exhibition is exclusively for PSA members.

Gallery:   Whites Fine Art Gallery  
2414 Honolulu Avenue  Montrose, CA 91020
818-957-4071  www.whitesfineart.com
Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday 9 am – 5 pm

Exhibition Schedule: 
Artwork Take-in: Sunday August 14 to Saturday, August 20
Exhibition Opens: Friday, September 30
Artwork Drop-off: 10 am – 12 noon, Friday Sep. 30
Installation: 1 pm Friday September 30 
Artist’s Reception: Saturday, October 1, 4 pm – 6 pm
Exhibition Closes: Saturday, October 29
Artwork Pick-up: Saturday, October 29 3:30 pm – 5 pm

Artwork Take-in: This is a digital take-in using Smartsheet entry forms, one form for each entry. The take-in opens Sunday, August 14 and closes Saturday, August 20. 


Entry Requirements:  All media & subject matter, NO SIZE Restrictions Limit of  two (2) pieces. All Exhibition Policies and Standards will be strictly enforced, 3D artists may need to provide their own display stands for gallery exhibition. Please note, artwork that has previously been in a PSA juried exhibition is not eligible for this exhibition. A reminder, artwork entered in a non-juried exhibition is eligible for subsequent juried exhibitions.

Artist’s Statement directly related to each submitted artwork: 60 words minimum to 150 words maximum.  Statements longer than 150 words or less than 60 words will be edited by catalog production team or returned to artist for rewrite to fit required word counts. 

Digital Image Requirements: 
One (1) digital image of each artwork. plain background requested. no frames on 2D art.  
Accepted digital image file format:  JPG
File Size:  6MB or larger 

Image Resolution:  Long side of image 7 inches at 300 pixels per inch or 2100 pixels, 
(maximum of 8 inches at 300 pixels per inch or 2400 pixels.) 
Images to be in focus, no reflections. Image of artwork should fill viewfinder/cell phone screen without distortion.  
Images that do not meet the specifications will not be used.
When using a cell phone camera select the largest file size possible. 
Questions about digital requirements?  Please contact Larry Rodgers at Exhibitions@PasadenaSocietyofArtists.org or 626-802-7142 for more information. 

Entry Procedure:  Have these files and info available when you fill out the online entry form: artist’s statement, digital image(s), media, overall artwork size without frame, price, contact info and link to website.  Follow instructions on the Smartsheet form to submit statements and images. It is strongly recommended that a larger screen be used like a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. The larger screen will make it much easier to complete the entry form properly.  
To ensure the proper credit for the artist, please follow the requested image file naming convention.  
Very important!!! Make a paper copy of each completed Smartsheet entry form. This copy of the Smartsheet entry form will need to accompany your artwork at the artwork drop-off.

Check “Send me a copy of my responses” which will be emailed to you (this is the copy of the entry form required to accompany artwork at the artwork drop-off.)
Finally, scroll to the very end of the form, and 
hit the “SUBMIT” button.
Submit your entries (up to 2). An email with the Smartsheet entry form link will be sent out prior to Sunday August 14.  

Installation: 1 pm until finished.
If you cannot drop off your art on Friday, the gallery will accept artwork earlier in the week prior to September 30 during regular business hours. There is limited space available for storage. You will need to include your entry forms.  

Gallery Artwork Pick-up:  Saturday, October 29, 3:30 pm – 5 pm

Artist’s Reception: Saturday, October 1, 4 pm – 6 pm
All members are encouraged to bring their favorite hors d’oeuvres. All volunteers will be required to follow all current pandemic protection requirements, masks and appropriate social distancing.

Volunteers needed to assist Hospitality Chair Pat Lee during reception.  
Please contact her at quickerlee@sbcglobal.net to offer your assistance. 

Entry Fees:  $20.00 for entry #1, $10.00 for entry #2, plus a donation of 10% (or more) of gross sales to PSA. Entry fees may be paid via PAYPAL on PSA website or cash or check when dropping off artwork at gallery.  

Whites Fine Art Gallery Commission: 35%

Volunteer Request:  Volunteers are needed for every aspect of the exhibition. 
Installation at the gallery, 4 -5 volunteers  
Come join the Exhibition Committee and have fun helping out.

Exhibition Chair: Tom Oldfield
Email: Exhibitions@PasadenaSocietyofArtists.org

Lawrence D. Rodgers  Vice President Exhibitions 
Pasadena Society of Artists
Tel: 626-802-7142  Email: LawrenceDRodgers@gmail.com
Email: Exhibitions@PasadenaSocietyofArtists.org

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