Issue 279 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 279 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 279 March 25th, 2023

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Austria restricts 23cm band operation
Austria has become the latest country to impose restrictions on Amateur Radio operation in the 23 cm band.
Amateur Radio Direction Finding
The sport of finding radio transmitters on foot. ARDF competitors use only topographic maps and compasses for navigation.
ARDF Region 2
Dodging the CME Apocalypse
What happened on March 12 was similar to the 1859 outburst – only worse.
American Thinker
WSJT-X and the Q65 mode for 6 meters and up
It works over long distances when nothing else is happening.
Homebrew AM from Cuba
It used combined Soviet and American tubes in the RF sections.
SolderSmoke Daily News
Enormous metal sculpture becomes an antenna
It's over 70 feet tall and made out of bronze and steel.
Hams catch Russians talking about recovering downed US drone
Hams obtained audio recordings of the Russian military trying to retrieve a US spy drone.
The ultimate 80 meter Ham Radio antenna
The 80 meter skyloop is still a top performing HF antenna.
Series and parallel battery connection techniques
All the batteries in your system should be the same voltage, amp-hour rating, and type.
Off Grid Ham
An overview of Beverage receiving antennas
What makes them so special?


Go Kit Challenge 2023 show and tell
We swing by many different go kit, boxes, and vehicles.
Tank Radio
The USA's Worldwide Listening Ear
The antenna could locate HF transmissions anywhere on the planet.
Ringway Manchester

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