Tips to help families talk about important but challenging topics
Tips to help families talk about important but challenging topics
Resources to Help Our Kids Thrive
As parents, it’s one of our most common refrains: “You can always talk to me.” But when it comes to sensitive subjects, having open conversations with kids can be difficult — even when we know how essential it is to keep talking.
This week on we offer resources to help parents through important conversations that can be emotional, confusing or just plain awkward. From sex and consent (something kids want to discuss even less than we do!) to worries that a child might be having suicidal thoughts, we have tips on how to start talking — and how to make sure kids feel supported and get the message. And for parents struggling to discuss the ongoing racial violence in our country, we have guidance on keeping the conversation open and learning alongside your kids.
- Hannah Sheldon-Dean, Staff Writer |

Talking to Kids About Racism and Violence

Supporting children while navigating your own big emotions.

How to Talk to Kids About Sex and Consent

Setting boundaries and respecting them.

How to Talk to Your Teen About Substance Use

Research shows that clear rules keep kids safe.

Talking to Kids About Money

Starting early helps children develop good habits.

How to Talk to Teenagers About Porn

Fighting unrealistic and unhealthy ideas about sex.

What to Do if You’re Worried About Suicide

How to reach out to help a child in distress.

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