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Study everything: Majoring in Arts & Letters

In the College of Arts & Letters, students can ask meaningful questions and pursue their passions in a range of fields from anthropology to theology. Because the requirements are flexible, students can take classes across disciplines to find a major they love or synthesize ideas to create knowledge. In this video, students from a range of majors discuss why the possibilities in Arts and Letters are endless.
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Jewish studies scholar forges connections between ancient Mesopotamian texts and modern theology

Thousands of years ago, Mesopotamians craned their necks to watch as the moon passed between them and the sun, casting darkness on the Earth. They sacrificed animals and opened them up, carefully analyzing the characteristics of their organs. These ancient people were looking for messages from the gods; they sought information about potential enemy attacks, the weather, and predictions for their crops. “In any society, there is a desire to know the future. That’s still true today, if you think about political polling or weather forecasting,” said Abraham Winitzer, the Jordan H. Kapson Associate Professor of Jewish Studies at Notre Dame. Winitzer, who works primarily in Assyriology, is one of two Notre Dame theology faculty that have a focus on Jewish studies, an area in which the department is giving new emphasis.
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A&L faculty member and alumnus connect black students to financial services firms, helping them land jobs and internships 

Richard Pierce, an associate professor of history and Africana studies, and history and economics alumnus Brian D’Arcy ’08 were having lunch last year when the conversation turned to the question of why more black students from Notre Dame, and black students in general, weren’t applying for or getting jobs at financial services companies. D’Arcy’s alternative investment firm is interested in hiring more diverse analysts and has been focused on finding ways to increase the flow of such candidates. So they launched a series of career treks for students to learn about the industry and start building a network of support that might lead to future employment. 
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How an Arts and Letters student’s many passions — from literature and psychology to music and film — translated into his senior thesis and career path

On the way to graduating with majors in Spanish and music, senior Peter Sabini has rekindled old intellectual flames, discovered new passions, and found a future that combines them all. Sabini has studied abroad in Toledo, Spain, scored music in a studio in New York City, and is now translating 40 Spanish poems into English for his senior thesis. “Four years is too short,” he said, “but I got to do a bit of everything.” 
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Classics chair helps develop scientific term — ‘in fimo’ — for experimental examination of excrement

You’ve heard of in vitro (the study of things in test tubes) and in vivo (the study of things in a living system). Now meet in fimo, a new scientific term coined by a Notre Dame classicist and researchers at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine to mean “excrement examined experimentally.” Their proposal — largely written by Luca Grillo, chair and associate professor in Notre Dame’s Department of Classics — was published this year in the journal Gastroenterology.
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Video: The sociology major at Notre Dame

“Any field you go into, sociology helps because you understand how people interact and what drives the way society runs,” said sociology major Lamara Parnell. “There's a lot of different things that you can do if you follow what you're passionate about.” Sociology majors pursue their passions while developing skills such as data collection and analysis, understanding of the scientific method, critical thinking, and collaboration.
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