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September 18, 2020 | View past issues here

Spend a few minutes with Marty!

This month, Marty talks about our brand new crop of Barbershop Harmony Society Award finalists and winners. See the full list here. The new issue of The Harmonizer, including our 2019 Annual report is hitting mail boxes now - our deeper dive into the numbers can be found here. He also highlights some recent Virtual Chapter Visits and the ways leaning on our barbershop family keeps us all stronger. Your support, both personal and financial, makes a huge difference. Learn more about supporting your favorite BHS programs at!

Barbershop Harmony Society Awards are a hit!

Highlights and speeches will be available this month

Thank you for joining us for the first-ever Barbershop Harmony Society Awards! If you missed the show, don't worry - all of our award presentations will be added to our YouTube channel in the coming weeks for likes, shares, and comments. In the meantime, you can see all of the finalists, bios, and results on!

Restructuring Revenue Models: 40+ Potential NEW Sources of Income for Choruses

This blog post from Tori Cook, Director of Sales & Marketing at Chorus Connection, may offer you some new ways to generate income.... now! 
With the loss of ticket sales revenue, membership income, and the fear of losing donors in the coming year, community chorus leaders are worried. They're worried about the financial sustainability of their organizations. And many are wondering how they will make up the financial loss in new and creative ways.
So, I sat down with my mind this week, which is always a frightening thing to do(!), and brainstormed a list of 40+ potential revenue streams for choruses. I've included income sources that choruses are already utilizing as well as some that might have never been used before.

Listen Up!

Polyphony Podcast discusses the state of a cappella during a pandemic

Alongside other a cappella leaders, CEO Marty Monson discusses the BHS response to pandemic.

In a recent Polyphony podcast on the Acaville Podcast Network , Marty joined Gine Deaton (CASA), and Brody McDonald (Acapella Educators Association ) to discuss priorities and initiatives, what the roles are for a cappella organizations right now, and how they'll move forward in the next year or two.

What do we do with downtime? We EMBRACE it!

Nate Ogg, BHS Chapter Success Manager

Months into a frustrating online purgatory, the time has come to view our forced downtime as a “sabbatical”—a break from the routine that gives us the time and means to rejuvenate our groups

In music, there’s a notation known as a caesura, a metrical pause or break in a verse where one phrase ends and another phrase begins. In barbershop music, it can be expressed by a comma or two lines, either slashed (//) or upright (||) and often referred to as “railroad tracks.” In time value, this break may vary between the slightest perception of silence all the way up to a full pause. When we, as performers, see this notated, the duration of the pause is entirely up to the conductor or individual performers. While this pause can help build tension and suspense, it can also give the listener (and the performer) a well-needed rest and reprieve from a busy or challenging piece.
Nominate a deserving teacher for the 2021 NAfME/BHS Music Educator of the Year award! Closes November 2020.
MEMBERSHIP BONUS: For every member you refer during this time period, you will receive $10 off your membership renewal!

Arranger of the Year Finalists

Theo Hicks

Til I Hear You Sing, A Cottage For Sale, Come What May, and more!
See BHS published arrangements

Adam Reimnitz

A Sunday Kind of Love, Be Careful It's My Heart, The Very Thought of You, and more!
See BHS published arrangements

Brent Graham

Maybe This Time, This Is The Moment, and more!
Published arrangements

Wayne Grimmer

Fight Song (video below!), Sing, Sugar, and more!
See BHS published arrangements

Lions Gate Chorus
Fight Song, arr Wayne Grimmer


Album of the Year 


After Hours

Instant Classic


New album on sale now - Info here

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