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We're offering FREE training via webinar.  
This free training will be recorded so some of your employees can attend the LIVE session and the rest can watch the video later.  We will customize this training to your branch's needs so you can get the most out of the session.  
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Other Training

Regional Training Workshops are informative training sessions located at a central location so multiple businesses can interact, share best business practices, learn more about the JaRay software, and gain Famhost product knowledge.
On-site Training is located in your branch and is flexible with your schedule.  You get hands on guidance from a skilled and experienced trainer to coach your team & refine their processes and procedures, making your branch more efficient and profitable!
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More Free Resources...

Below are some great resources that can help you find answers, and discover new capabilities of your software.

JaRay Manuals

JaRay manuals are accessable anytime to walk you through a step-by-step on how to do any given task in the system. Navigation is simple, but you will need a password to access the information. Call us at 800-658-1676 to create a password.
JaRay Manuals

Support Knowledge Base

We are constantly updating the knowledge base located in our new support system. Here you can search for answers to questions or challenges your may come across in your software. You can also submit tickets directly, or chat with a live person! Click below to learn more.
Support Page

Instructional Videos

We have instructional videos available. You can view  tutorials on various categories on your software. Most of our latest updates can be found in JaRay by clicking the UPDATES button, but we are compiling training videos for you as well. This channel is perfect for keeping you in the know, because you and your staff can view it anytime! Click the link below to learn more.
Video Training

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