Welcome Dodho Magazine “Call for Entries” winners rewards page.
ImageRights is the proud sponsor Dodho's global talent search.

Each of the six winners will receive an ImageRights annual Altitude
service plan, protecting your images in twenty two countries. 

ImageRights Altitude Plan Includes...
ImageRights Discovery – Protect up to 75,000 Images
ImageRights Recovery – Keep 50% of Net Recovery
opyright Registration - 3 free USCO Copyright
Registration filings ($267 value)
Use of the Protected by ImageRights
Logo & Watermark
$1188 Annually

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Dodho Magazine has always been very concerned about creative's image rights, knowing that changes in technology, particularly in the photographic industry, can leave artists with very little control over the abuse of their work.
For this reason, we have partnered with the best international company against the violation of visual works. ImageRights International is a global company responsible for identifying evaluating, and pursuing claims of copyright infringement on behalf of its artists and agencies. 
In partnership with ImageRights, we will be giving away $7,000 in copyright protection services in our search for the top 5 photographers worldwide!