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635 dogs and cats! Can you imagine taking care of that many animals?
635 dogs and cats! Can you imagine taking care of that many animals?
Franklin County Humane Society
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Dear Friends of the Franklin County Humane Society,

635 dogs and cats! Can you imagine taking care of that many animals in one year? Well that’s the amount of homeless pets that came through the doors at Franklin County Humane Society in just the past 12 months. For a small county in North Florida, that’s a lot of animals to house, feed, water, vaccinate, bathe, spay/neuter, exercise, and clean up after. And that doesn’t even include the medical emergencies some animals arrive with such as broken bones, skin conditions, upper respiratory diseases,
parasites, and eye and ear infections.

If you’re already a supporter of the FCHS you probably know that we’re a 5013C and only survive because of your generosity. We don’t enjoy asking you for money, but it’s the only way we can afford to help our homeless pet population. Plus, we make sure we put every cent of your donations to good use by having a 95% live release rate which includes adoptions, transports to partner shelters, and owner returns (in Florida the average adoption rate is just 85%). That’s something we’re all very proud of at the Franklin County Humane Society.

I know we may have asked you for money before, but during this holiday season I hope you’ll consider giving again (or for the first time). We truly appreciate anything you can do to help us in our mission to help the forgotten pets of the Forgotten Coast. Here are ways you can donate:

Donate $250 or more and get a FREE FCHS t-shirt OR a customized plaque in remembrance of a loved one or beloved pet to hang on our new “Rainbow Bridge Memorial” at the shelter. FCHS is a nonprofit 501c3, so donations are tax deductible. Donate these ways:

DROP OFF OR MAIL A CHECK: Bring your donation of any size to Franklin County Humane Society, 244-FL 65, Eastpoint, FL 32328. Or send your donation to Franklin County Humane Society, PO Box 417, Eastpoint, FL 32328

GIVE AT LOCAL DONATION JARS: Look for donation jars located at merchants around Franklin County. Dig into your pockets because every dollar helps a suffering animal.
DONATE THROUGH OUR WEBSITE: Go to and use the PayPal link at the bottom of our home page. Or click the red button below - it’s quick and easy.


Doug Jimerson
President of FCHS
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Letter from the Director

We’ve had another busy year at the Franklin County Humane Society. But this holiday season we thought we’d showcase some of the happy outcomes our homeless pets have experienced. It’s no secret that many of the animals that come through our doors are in pretty rough shape when they arrive, but today’s focus is on happy times (all of them financed by your generous support). Here’s just a sampling of some amazing pet transformations.


Senior pets are not always easy to place. Especially when they arrive as emaciated as Rocky was. This super sweet Great Pyrenees mix was so underweight you could count every bone in his body. With a specialized diet and lots of attention, Rocky recovered and was accepted for transfer to our friends at the Tampa Bay ASPCA. Luckily, Rocky quickly found a forever home with a family that was looking for an older pet. No dog, not even a super senior, is ever left behind at the Franklin County Humane Society.


When Goose was first brought to us, he was in such bad shape, more than half his fur was missing, and the rest was matted, oily, and gross. One of our assistants said “that dog looks like a dinosaur!” Turns out he was a purebred Wire-haired Pointing Griffon. But it was hard to tell. He had every external and internal parasite you can think of. After a long series of medicated baths, dietary supplements, and lots of TLC, Goose was transformed into the gorgeous guy he is today and is living the good life in Iowa.


Every animal that arrives at our shelter comes with its own set of unique issues. When Ellie, a sweet Labrador mix, arrived she was VERY pregnant. Plus, her canine teeth stuck out of her gums sideways. However, before we could deal with her dentistry needs, she started popping out 9 chunky puppies. Once her pups were weaned and adopted to great homes, Ellie was spayed, had her teeth repaired, and started her heartworm treatment. (The majority of dogs we receive also suffer from heartworm.) Today, she’s healthy, living in a great home, and has a terrific smile.


Sometimes it takes a village to save even the smallest creatures. Missy, a loving Maltese/Poodle was brought to us by Sheriff A.J. “Tony” Smith who found her living outdoors in a tiny, filthy crate. Her fur was so matted and dirty, you could smell Missy from 6 feet away. But Missy was one of the lucky ones because Sheriff Smith is a strong advocate for the homeless and neglected pets throughout the county. (Missy is just one of many he’s brought to us.) Once we got Missy up to speed on her health needs, our friends at The Pet Stop in Eastpoint volunteered to bathe and groom the poor girl, transforming her into a runway model overnight. Today, Missy is living the good life in a real home where she’s not constantly exposed to the weather.


Cats and kittens often arrive at our shelter suffering from ringworm. A common and highly contagious skin infection, ringworm is actually caused by a fungus. With daily medication, it takes weeks to clear up and because it can be spread to humans, infected felines need to be isolated from other cats or where visitors might accidentally pet them. That’s why, this year we transformed an old storage room into a special isolation ward designed just for ill kitties. Here, a litter of 7 siblings (Donner, Prancer, Vixen, Cupid, Comet, Blitzen, and Dasher) spend their days waiting for their infections to clear so they can eventually fly off to their forever homes.


Located at the entrance of the Franklin County Humane Society, our memorial plaques honor your favorite pets or the special people in your life, living or passed. Get a memorial plaque for a $250 donation. Each 6-x-12-inch plaque is customized with your sentiments.
Happy Holidays!
Karen Marlsberger Martin, Director of the FCHS
Post Office Box 417 • Eastpoint, Florida 32328 • (850) 670-8417
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